Office Break Room Etiquette

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If you work in an office with a break room, you’ve probably taken advantage of it at some point. As with any shared space, it’s important that you and your colleagues don’t forget some common courtesies, intentionally or not. Here’s a quick list of things to remember about office break room etiquette.

Clean up after yourself. It always surprises me when I sit down to eat at a dirty table in a shared space. Crumbs, napkins, straw wrappers – strewn on the surface, left by the previous occupant. I wonder if they do the same in their own homes, assuming someone else will pick up after them. Here’s a word of advice: the office break room is not your home. Your co-workers should not spend part of their break cleaning up your mess. Be considerate and do it yourself!

This piece of office break room etiquette also applies to common areas such as the kitchen sink, the refrigerator, and the coffee station. If it’s your mess, take care of it!

Keep your hands off! Speaking of the refrigerator… If someone has gone through the trouble of bringing food to work, packing it and labeling it carefully with their name, that usually means they plan on eating it. Unless something is labeled “help yourself,” don’t!

Speak softly. The more people that fill a room, the louder it gets. Remember lunchtime in the school cafeteria? Ever been to a concert or sporting event before the main attraction starts? It’s great that co-workers can get together for a meal or a snack to catch up, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the room cares to hear their conversations. If you are a loud talker, try to watch your levels – there’s nothing less relaxing than hearing a conversation from across the room! Granted, the office break room isn’t the library – but there is a happy medium.

Feet off the furniture. So you timed your break perfectly and you have a whole table to yourself. Great! Do you know what’s not great? Your feet on the empty chair next to you. Someone has to sit there after you, and I can guarantee you they don’t want to sit where your feet have been. Break room chairs are not footrests. Again – be considerate!

Do not disturb. For many people, breaks and lunch times are the rare moment in a day to unwind and decompress. Don’t interrupt your co-worker’s lunch with a work question – that’s what email is for. And if someone has on a pair of headphones and their nose is in a book, take the hint: they can’t hear you because they’ve focused elsewhere, so catch them some other time.

People are different. We work differently, so of course, we play differently, too. The bottom line is, try to be considerate of your co-workers and follow common courtesies in shared spaces. In the long run, it will make for a happier work environment.

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Corporate holiday cards present a wonderful opportunity during the holidays to thank those colleagues and clients who have meant so much to us throughout the year. A simple but always appreciated gesture such as sending a holiday card can resonate in a powerful way. Nevertheless, there are some out there who are still wary of the inherent value of the corporate business holiday card. Perhaps as children these were the individuals who only received socks, encyclopedias, and root vegetables as presents, and have thus soured on the entire holiday experience. Maybe these inexplicably terrible presents have so scarred their entire beings that they are now sadly blinded to the obvious good that can come of sending business christmas cards. Whatever their reasons, as a warning to anyone tempted to adhere to the tenets of these anti-card senders, I’ve compiled a list of some of the worst advice ever told about giving business holiday cards. Names have been changed to protect the identities of the unseasonably cold perpetrators of this innately inane advice. Enjoy (if possible)!

Kris Krybaby – “Would I ever give a corporate holiday card? Only if I get one first.”
Dr. Sandy Gauze, MD – “Sending out corporate holiday cards can be the start of a worldwide epidemic of paper cuts. The suffering that these holiday cards may induce causing seconds or dare I say possibly minutes of minor acute pain is not worth the risk. Don’t proliferate such misery and agony. Please, trust me, I’m a doctor.”

Rudolph Reignfear – “The propagation of corporate business holiday cards will only usher in the end of a fantastic era of sending last minute holiday text messages. The loss of the art of the holiday text message can cause irreparable harm to the very fabric of our society as our fingers will undoubtedly atrophy from underuse. This significant loss of digital muscle mass, coupled with an assured epidemic of paper cuts espoused by renowned physician Dr. Sandy Gauze, will so incapacitate the public at large that civilization as we know it could possibly crumble like the ruins of ancient Greece. Do you really want to risk sparking Armageddon with corporate holiday cards?”

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Reasons to Send Calendar Cards for the Holidays

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Does it frustrate you that your Holiday Cards just get thrown out every year? No matter how soon you send them it just feels like you are delivering them to your recipient’s trashcan. While some people do save them year after year, many do not. If you want a more economical way to send Holiday cheer, try sending Calendar Cards this year. At The Gallery Collection, there is a wide variety of calendars so you will be hard-pressed to find one you don’t like!

Another reason to send Calendar Cards for the holidays is because it is an all-inclusive gesture for people who might not celebrate the same Holiday. You could even choose to create a Calendar Card using a personal photo, which could be an updated photo of your family for relatives! A Calendar Card is a thoughtful gift that isn’t too much but also feels like something substantial because it is so practical. When you order a Calendar Card from the Gallery Collection you are able to add up to 5 lines of custom text at the bottom, which is included in the price. This is a great way to add any sentiment you want, even including contact information (or hours of operation for your business if you are sending to clients).


Thanksgiving Cards vs. Holiday Cards

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It’s an age old debate. Should we send Thanksgiving Cards? If yes, are we going to send Christmas/Holiday Cards as well? I’m here to tell you that both sides don’t need to be at odds. Go ahead and send your Holiday card as you normally do each year, but you should also consider sending that Thanksgiving card too. Here’s my reasons why.

We have a small yet successful company and our customers always seem to enjoy receiving the Holiday Cards we make sure we send every year. They tell us it’s something they look forward to each fall. Last year, we decide to send a Thanksgiving card and ended up with an overwhelmingly great response from everyone! I think they appreciated the fact it kicked off the holiday season a bit earlier than expected.

From a personal standpoint, we did love that the cards put our name out there in a positive, welcome manner – well before any of our competitors. Also, there seems to be more time and manpower available to handle Thanksgiving Cards being addressed and mailed well before the hectic schedule of the holidays gets into full swing.

If you’re looking for a new way to get your customer’s attention and have them think of you as forward thinking and on-the-ball, consider also sending a Thanksgiving Card for this year. There are some beautiful designs available on this website and excellent greeting to choose from. The Gallery Collection has each and every time created outstanding cards for us to be proud of. The service is always quick and efficient and ordering is fairly painless. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.


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Presenting…Your Brand!

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I have been selling computer software for over ten years and the main thing I have learned is that you need to not only have a good product but you need to have a good presentation. Know your product in and out so any questions that are thrown at you can be answered. But do not skimp on presentation. I have seen it too many times in my world where the presentation underwhelms and does the product a disservice.

Something as simple as creating a branded presentation folder can go a long way to impressing perspective clients. Slap a nice logo, foil stamped and engraved…put your company name on there and now you have a piece of art that will hold your presentation documents but also brand you as the company continues to use that folder after you have gone.

Now the product you are selling has to have some usability for you to make a sale but do not forget showmanship. From the dialogue to the folder, make sure you are on top of your game for every pitch you give. Get that brand face front and forward. The more the perspective client sees you the more they will remember you. Good luck selling!


Customizing Your Corporate Birthday Cards

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When purchasing your corporate birthday cards, keep in mind that you want each person in the office to feel special. With the cards offered by The Gallery Collection, you have a few options for how you can go about birthday cards for the office. You could get one of the three Assortment Boxes that are entirely birthday cards and choose a design as each birthday comes up. Or you can choose specific designs (in quantities of 25) to give out to your recipients. If you choose a specific design, you have the option of customizing the cards.

Some customizations to consider when creating your customized corporate birthday cards are to think about:

  • Picking a design that is all-inclusive to those in the office, or purchasing multiple designs to choose from when an office birthday arrives.
  • Selecting the perfect greeting for your corporate office. And while there are many to choose from, you can actually create your own too!
  • Having an imprint at the bottom of the card, below the greeting. 1 – 2 lines of text are included, so why not write “From all of us at [your corporate company name here]”?
  • Want to really stand out and look professional? You have the option to use your company name and or logo in the card (in the greeting area or at the bottom). You can also include handwritten signatures—that are actually printed—on each card.


Is it every too late to say you are sorry? What kind of question is that? Of course it isn’t ever too late to say you are sorry. However, if you wait too long your apology may not get the same results as if you apologize more quickly. So my very first tip is to apologize as soon as you realize you made a mistake or hurt someone’s feelings.

The most important thing no matter when you make that I’m sorry is to make sure it is genuine. Don’t say, “I’m sorry” just because you are trying to move past whatever the bad situation is. If you are not truly sorry than don’t say it. You will regret it and will probably do the same thing that got you in this position again.

When you say, “I’m sorry,” you should make a point of repeating what it is you are apologizing for. This way, the person you are speaking to knows that you understand exactly what it is that you did wrong. Taking ownership of the error of your ways is important.

Although it is never too late to say you are sorry, it is imperative to apologize and correct any wrongdoing on your part at some point.


Why Should I Purchase Foil Holiday Cards?

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As a business owner or an employer, staying connected with your customers and employees is very important. One way to stay connected it to send out cards around the holidays, but not just any card. This season, switch it up by purchasing foil holiday cards!

Now, you’re probably wondering why you should purchase foil holiday cards instead of the usual. I’m here to tell you why.

These foil printed cards are much more elegant than the usual tacky cards you see at your local grocery store. Those grocery store greeting cards are cheap in price because they are cheap in quality. Instead of the typically unexciting ink colors, shiny foil will make the card look expensive and hence makes the customer or employee feel valued. Most foil holiday cards are also embossed. This adds to the elegance and brings a three dimensional experience to your customers as well. The foil now pops out at them and catches their eyes; they are sure to become speechless. If a person receives an eye-catchingly stunning holiday card, they are most definitely going to appreciate the thought and effort put into its design.

In the end it’s a win-win; your recipients feel like a valued customer or employee, and in turn you are appreciated as a business or a boss.


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