Why Greeting Cards Are Important in the Corporate World

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For a variety of good reasons, businesses oftentimes send greeting cards to customers and clients. These cards can include holiday cards, thank you cards (for past business), holiday party invitations, or reminder cards for an upcoming appointment.

To make the most positive impression, the greeting cards your company send should be personalized to the recipient. For holiday cards, it would be ideal if the cards are signed by your company’s CEO or a high-ranking official. If this is not possible (due to a high quantity of clients), it would be best to at least have the cards sent to your largest accounts hand-signed.

When your card is received, it is likely to be shared with the management of the company and, sometimes, many employees. Those who receive your card are likely to think more fondly of you and more likely to conduct business with you in the future, especially when compared to a business that doesn’t bother to contact them.

The other type of corporate greeting cards are those that are sent to employees. Just as it is important to keep on the good side of customers and clients by sending cards, an employee birthday cards or anniversary card is sure to keep your workers feeling valued and increased loyalty generally means increased productivity. As with other corporate greetings, a small investment can have a much larger positive impact!

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Keeping in Touch With Greeting Cards

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Greeting cards aren’t just for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions anymore. Greeting cards are a great way to keep in touch with business connections, employees, family, and friends. Receiving a card wishing you and your family happy holidays is heartwarming. Receiving a birthday card shows someone is paying attention. Receiving cards for other momentous occasions such an anniversary card or retirement card are touching.

But receiving a card just because someone is thinking of you or missing you truly leaves you with a feeling that someone cares and is thinking about you. There are many options of blank any purpose greeting cards or thinking of you cards that hit just the right note. These are perfect in instances where maybe you have a customer that you haven’t heard from in a while. You can put your personal note just reminding them you are there to help with their needs.

Another great option are note cards. With note cards, you can send a simple note just letting your employees know that you recognize their hard work and appreciate them. Sometimes the small gesture of a greeting card acknowledging someone’s loyalty is all it takes to inspire their dedication.

Keep in touch with greeting cards.

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The Purpose of Greeting Card Assortments

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One of the best things I have come across since starting my new office assistant position is an order form for card assortment boxes. The purpose of greeting card assortments are to be on hand for different types of occasions. There are assortments available in many different categories. For example, Birthday, Anniversary, Sympathy, Get Well, Thank You, Congratulations and of course the little bit of everything All Occasion assortment. I have found that keeping a box of greeting cards in my desk is critical. I don’t always remember everyone’s everything. There is always an occasion coming up that a card is needed and everyone scrambles, who is going to go to the store? Who has time today? The usual suspects will come to me and may I add it is usually an immediately necessity. For my own sanity, I have decided to keep a 2 different boxes in my cabinet. I have an all occasion assortment box since it has 35 cards with 16 different types of cards. The most being Birthday cards – 12, Thank you – 6, Congratulations – 5, Sympathy – 4, and then 2 each of the Anniversary, Get Well, Thinking of you and finally 2 blank Note cards. And I also keep a box of all Birthday. Everyone gets a birthday cards! We all enjoy that – Don’t we?


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Ring in The New Year With Greeting Cards!

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What better way to celebrate another year with friends, family, coworkers, and clients than with a New Year’s card! No matter the distance, this new tradition could be a way to keep close to the ones you care about most. The Gallery Collection offers a multitude of New Year’s themed cards — some even combining the Holidays with the coming New Year. Also, keep in mind that you could opt to send one of our Calendar Cards instead for a similar effect.

New Year’s cards are a fabulous way to keep in touch, guaranteed to make the people you care about most smile. This time of year people are often resolving to try something new. Who knows, one of their resolutions could be to better keep in contact with family and friends! Sending a card shows you genuinely care, even after the Holiday-Hubbub.

The following are a couple of customer favorites:

Peace and Prosperity Holiday Card (Design# 1023742): This card is bright, colorful, and has an editable cover! This card is all about the new year ahead with words wishing recipients the very best.

Prism New Year Card (Design# 302485). This card is a timeless New Year’s card. It’s bright, reminiscent of fireworks, and has foil accents!


How to Select a Christmas Card That Represents Your Business

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Sending Christmas cards is always a good idea. When you send a business Christmas card it lets your clients and customers know that they are important to you. This could be a way of helping the relationship grow. But following the right etiquette for business holiday cards is important so your cards remain professional and thoughtful.

Sending business greeting cards should be about appreciation and the value placed on customer and clients. They improve the perception of your company in the eyes of your customer and clients. They increase the probability that one of your customers will select your company over a company they didn’t receive a holiday card from.

When selecting a business Christmas card always choose one that expressed a level of formality consistent with your company. It should be a mirror of your business that your clients have come to know. Send your greeting cards to as many people as you can. The paper you use for your business greeting card should be of good quality. The greeting card is a direct reflection of your company. If your clientele differs in religious backgrounds or cultural groups, it’s probably best to stick to non denominational winter or nature imagery cards. By choosing a holiday card with other seasonal greetings, it shows your company is mindful of people from all different walks of life.


New For 2018 Christmas Cards

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Every year I look for something new when purchasing our Company’s Christmas cards. It can be quite challenging to find something unique especially when we want our cards to say Merry Christmas on the front, but I think I found a few great examples for this year.

This Opulent Ornaments Christmas Card is definitely unique. I love the idea of having all that gold on a black card stock. It has an elegant touch. It is a glossy color photo that is mounted and framed in gold. The photo is a zoomed in section of a Christmas tree with different shades of gold ornaments and crystal beading dangling down from the branches. The added touch of Merry Christmas below the photo makes this a perfect choice for us.



Another that I find totally out of the ordinary is this Burst of Blue Christmas card. It is stamped with reflective silver foil with the matching framed border. The snowflake is done in an ornate fashion. Without going for the typical red and green and holiday symbols, this card still sends wishes for a Merry Christmas.


You may look at this Picturesque Setting Christmas Card on the left and think it is a run of the mill Christmas photo. However, you’d be wrong! I look at this one and see a beautiful, homely Christmas scene with a burning fire and gorgeous tree with all the trimmings. Also, let’s not forget those presents! What makes this Christmas card truly stand out though is the navy card stock. The photo really jumps and so does the gold “Merry Christmas” below it.


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5 Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid on Your Christmas Cards

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1. Season’s Greetings or Seasons Greetings or Seasons’ Greetings?

The correct version is “Season’s Greetings” because they are the greetings of/for the season—the apostrophe shows possession. Without the apostrophe, or with it after the ‘s’, it indicates multiple seasons. Another common error is to write “seasonings greetings.” Don’t be that guy.

2. Misspelling Christmas.

It seems so silly, but often people misspell the word Christmas. Pay attention to every letter on your cards so you don’t make an avoidable, cringe-worthy mistake. And please spell everyone’s names right.

3. Afraid of the Oxford comma?

When you have a list of things, don’t overthink the grammar and attempt an awkward or confusing way of saying the same thing to avoid the chance of being wrong. In the following example, both are correct: “We wish you happiness, health, and prosperity this Christmas.” or “We wish you happiness, health and prosperity this Christmas.” Whichever you choose is your preference, however, I will say that in some instances the comma makes your intent clearer. I would suggest making use of the Oxford comma on your Christmas cards this year.

4. Happy New Year or Happy New Years?

If your Christmas card goes on to send warm wishes for the coming year, make sure you are using the correct form of the sentiment. It should not be plural. If you were referring to a New Year’s card, then there is an ‘s’ but it is still not to indicate multiple years that are new.

5. Winter or winter?

When you are mentioning the season, it can be a little tricky to know how. Whether you capitalize depends on where it is in the sentence and how it is used. If the word is at the beginning of the sentence, it will always be capitalized. Other than that, it is a generic noun (not a proper noun) and does not need to be capitalized. An exception is if it is a title, like the Winter Olympics.


Is it Necessary to Send Business Christmas Cards?

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When it comes to the Holidays, one of the first things we think about as consumers in our personal lives is mailing out Christmas cards to our family and friends. When it comes to our professional lives however, some people question whether to send their customers and colleagues a Holiday card. Some companies do and some don’t, which leaves the question: is it necessary to send Business Christmas cards? My opinion is YES absolutely!

Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a “must” or your business will fail if you choose not to, but it definitely is smart. You see, the meaning behind a Business Christmas card is really more than just saying simply, Merry Christmas. To your customers, that card signifies many things…when your recipient gets it in the mail, it shows you are thinking of them. You are taking time out during the busy end of year season and saying, hello… I’m just not thinking of you when I need your business, I am thinking of you now to wish you all the best as well.

Sending out a Business Christmas card not only is a “thinking of you” during the Holidays, but is also the perfect opportunity to allow your clients, vendors, patrons etc. to remember you and your company. Almost like an indirect form of advertisement for your company. That card will most likely stay on the recipients’ desk, and will be looked at by them and others throughout the season. It’s like a little reminder that you exist in their world, at a time you may not necessarily be working with them.

Last but certainly not least, that Christmas card can also act as a double sentiment, if you will. … that sentiment being a thank you card. Take the time to write a personal message, thanking the receiver for their business and allows you to wish them well in the new year. That in turn can start a connection for a future venture together, too! So sending a Business Christmas card in my opinion is a total…consider it a small investment to showing your colleagues a token of appreciation, as well as a creative way of keeping your company on their minds, which will leave the door open for more work together in the future!