Card Imprinting on Business Holiday Cards

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Personalizing or card imprinting on Business Holiday Cards is key in getting your company name out there to all of your customers, clients and vendors. But equally important is how its looks. Whether a company decides to add their logo or go with standard typesetting, it needs to look “nice.” It should be appropriately sized for the card, and color selection should complement the front of the card. For more conservative companies, black might be a better or safer choice. One-color printing looks more cohesive inside the card, the greeting should be the same color as the card personalization. A red foil greeting with the company name typeset in green foil does look “Christmas-y” but it also looks like the company name was thrown on the card as afterthought. If the front of the card is mostly red or green, choose either color for inside the cards; printing in blue ink for whatever reason creates a card that does not look professional or well designed.

When a logo is used for the card imprint, there may be corporate “Identity” standards that require that certain colors must be used when printing a logo. If these PMS or “branded” colors cannot be followed, a typical workaround involves printing the logo in black and occasionally in gold or silver foil. If a company logo appears on a holiday card in black, it probably does not mean they lack holiday spirit. They are probably following set guidelines as required by corporate mandate.

Whatever colors appear when you open your next holiday card, be thankful you received it; it indicates your business is much appreciated by the sender!

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Correspondence Note Cards vs. Business Cards

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There is a significant difference between correspondence note cards and business cards.  So let’s discuss the differences…

Correspondence Note Cards

Correspondence Note Cards are perfect for short notes that can be used for business or personal use.  The cards measure 4 ¼ by 6 3/8 and can be used in many instances such as for Thank You notes or to recognized employee milestones.  At the top of your correspondence note cards, you can imprint your name, initials or short personalized message in your choice of 4 different fonts and choice of ink or foil.

The egg shell white correspondence note cards are available in a boxed set of 15 plat panels with matching seal fast envelopes.  To add a little flair to the cards they have an embossed border framing your personalization.  If you are in need of a unique gift, these are a memorable, personalized option.

Business Cards

Business cards have a completely different use.  Sure, you can use correspondence note cards to pass on your company information, however, the sole purpose of business cards are to promote yourself and your company.  They are an effective, low cost and convenient marketing tool.  You can add images of yourself, your product or your location along with adding pertinent text on the front and back.  Where correspondence note cards are only available in the egg shell white, business cards can be customized in a variety of colors and many different fonts opposed to just the four for note cards.

Choose the product that best suits your needs.

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Welcome Cards Make You Feel At Home

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Greeting Cards are probably the most welcome mail we get. We get holiday cards, birthday cards, easter, mother’s day, etc. The one thing they have in common is they make us feel good. Sending and receiving cards benefits the sender as well as the receiver.

Let’s go the extra mile to make new employees feel great about working at our company. Sending or giving them welcome cards will calm their first day jitters. An employee will be instantly happy to be in a company that thinks enough of them to make them feel welcome. Nobody wants to be just a number.

Do you belong to a club or organization? A great way to encourage a new member is to send them a Welcome card. Especially when the group divides into a circle of friends in the organization, will the inductee feel more comfortable with a card in hand. We all need encouragement when we are the newbies.

Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes will certainly give us a better grasp of how the newest people feel. Let’s get on the Welcome train wherever we are. A warm greeting in a card and a smile is the best feeling. Welcome aboard!

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Handshakes & Business Cards

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Handshakes and business cards take doing business from strictly business to the more personal side of things.  Business can be gained or lost by just these two simple, but necessary things.  The impression you make with either of these will be remembered. Customers or potential customers will link the two with your character and professionalism.

Have you ever shaken someone’s hand and immediately had a negative thought about them?  Maybe they seemed weak or unsubstantial, but maybe you shook their hand and felt this person has depth of character.  You want the person you are connecting with to exude confidence in their handshake.  You are more likely to reach back out to a business acquaintance if you felt poise and conviction.

Business cards can have the same power and are just as important as that handshake. If you present a simple, dynamic business card, you are presenting yourself as a motivated professional. On the other side of it, if your business card looks haphazard with spelling mistakes or missing information, chances are that your client or potential client will move in a different direction. Your handshake and business card speak volumes of who you are as a businessman. Make sure to put your best foot, or should I say hand, forward.


The Versatility of Corporate Thank You Cards

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You probably haven’t received a Thank You card in a while. Is it because they seem passé? Sure feels like it, but in today’s hustle bustle, it is more important than ever to use Thank You cards as a way of acknowledging your appreciation. For example, the elusive client meeting you finally landed.  Sure you may have taken the client out to lunch and sent a “thanks for meeting with me” email, but a Thank You card is a way to get noticed and stand out from the rest. Don’t miss the opportunity to get customers thinking positively about you and your business.  

Thank You cards also work great for your suppliers or vendors as well.  Have any of them gone out of their way to meet a deadline for you?  If so, keep the good relations going with a Thank You card

Thank You cards are great for giving internal kudos to those who deserve it. You obviously don’t want to send a card every time someone does their job right, but you do want to recognize those employees who go above and beyond. 

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish yourself as a company or a person in the corporate world, but using Thank You cards at appropriate times will really set you apart from the pack.


If you want to recognize someone for their recent accomplishment, try sending them a congratulations card. This is a sure-fire way to make them feel important and cared about. Everyone likes to be celebrated for their achievements—what better way to show your sincere sentiment of happiness and excitement for them!? Alone or with a gift, a congratulations card is a simple gesture that will make a lasting impact.

With any of the congratulations cards at The Gallery Collection you are able to select a greeting, printing color, as well as add a personalized imprint on the bottom of the card. Every order comes with matching high-quality envelopes, offering both the moisten-to-seal and the seal-fast styles with your choice of a foil liner and a deckled (feathered) edge or a laser (straight) edge.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at Golden Congratulations Card. This card is an elegant way to wish your recipient the best and share in their excitement. The gold accents and embossing are a special touch that will leave your recipient beaming.


Let’s Talk Working Dinner Venues

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The only thing I like to talk about more than dinner is maybe breakfast and lunch.  Then of course there’s also brunch, dunch, linner and supper.  Whichever way we talk about food, it’s all good.  So let’s discuss work dinner venues. 

There are so many ways to go with this so it’s important to first get your facts straight.  Just like planning a wedding or any event really, it’s critical to nail down the who, what, when, and then you can more easily fill in the where.  For example, if you are planning an event for 10 people, you aren’t going to search venues requiring a minimum of 200 or more.  Instead, you’ll want to look for a cozier venue.  But there will be occasions in which you are hosting a much larger group. 

Some of the most impressive venues in New Jersey include Liberty House, Park Savoy, The Skylands Manor and Nanina’s in the Park, just to name a few. There are endless options but, of course, the most popular places will book up first and well in advance so keep that in mind as well.  You could also opt for a lesser known venue or even any restaurant that you may already enjoy. 

One of the hot trends at the moment are these event spaces that you can rent out for the night such as Vibe and make the night be whatever you want it to be.  Just make sure that you pick some place comfortable and conducive to what you are looking to achieve.


Greeting Card Assortment Boxes As Gifts

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Yes, you read that right! You should give Greeting Card Assortment Boxes as gifts this year! Before you dismiss the idea, keep reading. I’m here to tell you why almost anyone in your life could not only use a Greeting Card Assortment Box, but they will also love having one on hand. The following are some examples.

If the person is a Secretary of any kind, there is no question that they could use almost every type of Greeting Card Assortment Box The Gallery Collection offers. The two All-Occasion Assortment Boxes would be indispensable, offering a mix of design types for any office occurrence.

If they are a social butterfly, I bet they have a lot of Birthday cards to send out. Give them one of the three Birthday Card Assortment Boxes that The Gallery Collection offers.

If you know someone who owns their own business, they could use the thoughtful gift of the Fine Art Note Card Assortment. These blank cards with museum art masterpieces on the cover could be useful in any situation, whether they’re congratulating an employee’s work anniversary or following up with a client.

If you know a student, a graduate job searching, or a young professional, you better believe that they absolutely need quality Thank You cards on hand. The Thank You Assortment Box from The Gallery Collection will help them standout in a distinguished way when thanking professors, potential employers, or prospective clients.


Correspondence note cards are a versatile business tool that is not outdated in today’s digital world. Having these cards gives you the opportunity to communicate through your business with dignity and class. Here are some ways that correspondence note cards build strong relationships.

When you ask your employees to run an errand or contact a client, do you find that they aren’t always reliable? If you use a correspondence note card to detail your errand, you can ensure that your orders will be followed through as outlined, helping employees recall imperative information. Having your card will also add reverence when running an errand, because your correspondence note card can be taken as official letterhead for inter-office use. Other departments will be more likely to take other employees seriously and quickly satisfy your request if there is proof that it came from your desk.

Your correspondence note cards can also be used to give potential new hires contact information or other desired details, leaving them feeling important and remembered.

Correspondence note cards can be used to acknowledge employee milestones as well. For example, your note cards can be used for a quick thank you that is less formal than a card but more heartfelt than an email. This will help add a personal touch in an otherwise corporate, disconnected office.

Lastly, correspondence note cards make a thoughtful gift to someone starting their own business. This will help them build strong relationships with people as they pave their way in their field. Having official, sophisticated cards to use will help elevate their status quickly, even if they don’t have everything together quite yet.


Why Everyone Still Appreciates Greeting Cards

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In a world taken over by computers, technology and social media, it is refreshing to get a greeting card in the mail.  Sure it is nice (and important) to be able to send an email or text message in a matter of seconds, but there is still something to be said about the power of a greeting card.  I think the personal touch and extra effort is why everyone still appreciates greeting cards.

I send greeting cards often, both on a professional and personal level.  At work, during the holiday season, my department sends Gallery Collection Christmas cards to vendors that we’ve worked with throughout the year to express our gratitude and greetings.  The response we receive each year is so nice!  I also receive cards from vendors and it always feels great to feel remembered and appreciated. 

In my personal life, I send greeting cards to family and friends throughout the year, mainly for birthdays and Christmas.  I actually love taking the time to pick out the perfect cards and writing a personal message.  There are also unfortunate moments where I need to send a sympathy card.  I sometimes feel odd sending condolences through a text or Facebook, which is why I still choose to send a card.  I’ve also received such great response from the greeting cards I send out… I’ve even had people tell me they look forward to my card each year! 

I’m not against newer forms of communication, in fact I love it and use it daily.  But this doesn’t mean that you can no longer send greeting cards.  Based on my experiences, both professionally and personally, people still appreciate greeting cards.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop sending them!