June 2009

Over the last few years, I have noticed a growing trend amongst Christmas cards companies. For quite a long time, everything seemed to be very neutral. Nothing was used that would imply a specific holiday. It was all very PC…but that seems to be changing. I recently went through The Gallery Collection catalog looking for […]


Has anyone ever sent out sympathy cards to the family of a celebrity or some other famous person’s family after hearing of a death of someone prominent? With the deaths recently – on successive days – of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson, I began to wonder how many of their fans might take […]


My friend owns an insurance company and was looking for some really nice business birthday cards that he could personalize and send out to his clients as well as give to his coworkers. Through a Google search, he came across the company I work for, The Gallery Collection. Our bright and colorful birthday cards were […]

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Design #067CX, Holly Berry Greeting Card, is a combination of lithography and foil on buff Mohawk FSC certified paper. Its simplicity makes it very attractive for businesses to send as business Christmas cards. The design features a handful of holly wrapped in a plaid bow accompanied by simple yet elegant touches of gold foil scattered […]

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Business Birthday Cards Make you Feel Special

by Henry L. on June 23, 2009

I started my own craft business from home last year and I sent birthday cards to all my customers. The first time they placed an order, I asked everyone to fill out a customer card with their name and birth date (minus the year, of course). I wasn’t sure what type of business birthday cards […]

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Corporate Thank You Cards Provide Reassurance

by Henry L. on June 15, 2009

Raise your hand if you have felt under-appreciated at some point in your life. Raise your hand if you have felt a little neglected at some point during your career. Now raise your hand if you have ever felt like your boss did not give you enough credit. Wow, we’re running out of hands. Let […]

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Design #099AY, Surprise! Birthday Card, certainly lives up to its name. On a cream colored matte background, it displays a large high glossed gold gift box that seems to pop off the cover of this business birthday card. The box is tied with a bold colored rainbow foil ribbon and bow that are embossed all […]

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Design #151CW – Wings of Peace Holiday Card

by Henry L. on June 9, 2009

Design #151CW, Wings of Peace Holiday Card, highlights three embossed doves outlined in gold foil against a stained glass background of eddying shades of blue and green. The entire window is outlined in a rich gold foil with mullioned sections crisscrossing to form an impressive background. The white glossy card stock is stark in comparison. […]

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The Gallery Collection recently introduced a lovely religious Christmas cards design that evokes that spiritual sense of peace. Design #140CX, Christmas Chapel Holiday Card, depicts an embossed country church highlighted by touches of gold foil. The peaceful serenity is enhanced by majestic trees in their winter splendor scattered behind the chapel among the fields of […]

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Business Sympathy Cards that Express Empathy

by Henry L. on June 8, 2009

Condolences are sometimes difficult to express in words when a person is grieving heavily over a loved one. Business sympathy cards can display your kindness with thoughtful consideration of both your relationship to the bereaved and their delicate emotional state. I feel if genuine flowers might be excessive for someone you aren’t personally close with […]

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