July 2009

Corporate Birthday Cards featuring Gift Boxes

by Henry L. on July 29, 2009

If you are looking for high-end corporate birthday cards, look no further than The Gallery Collection’s design #571AE, Blue Ribbon Birthday Card. This majestic card is printed on plush, heavy paper stock with a high-gloss finish and is smooth to the touch. It features the use of lustrous cornflower blue and silver foils. The refractive […]

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Corporate Get Well Cards are Good Medicine

by Henry L. on July 27, 2009

I just got a get well card from my bank, and I can’t tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to receive. Since I’ve been with the same branch for a few years, I’ve gotten to know several of the tellers and the manager and they always have a nice, warm welcome when I […]


Design #104AY, Stellar Congratulations Greeting Card, truly reflects its name. This business congratulations card features a cream matte background with the words “Congratulations” in a script font that moves in a circular pattern towards the center of the design. The sentiment appears in two separate areas of the card, one near the top in rainbow […]


Business Birthday Cards and the Ripple Effect

by Henry L. on July 20, 2009

We all realize that businesses are trying to save money now more than ever. With that being said, we must also find ways to bring some joy to the customers and workforces that are hanging in there with us and working for a better tomorrow. Sending business birthday cards is one way to celebrate with […]

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My brother’s company has a terrific tradition each month of choosing a “Star Employee” and then surprising him or her with special corporate Congratulations cards. Even though the company’s name is printed at the bottom of the cards, the boss usually writes a note and hand signs one of the cards, which makes it a […]


Etiquette for Sending Thank You Cards

by Henry L. on July 6, 2009

Throughout the years I have found it very rewarding, and still is, to send and receive words of appreciation and/or gratitude in thank you cards. I have often been asked when it is appropriate to send thank you cards and would like to share the following suggestions with you. A thank you card is an […]