August 2009

The Gallery Collection recently introduced some new personalized holiday cards to its already extensive line of cards. One of the designs, #150CS Whirling Snowflakes Christmas Card, features (as the name suggests) lots of snowflakes. The blue foil in this holiday card beautifully reflects and enhances the luster of snowflakes almost as well as Mother Nature […]

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I recently began cooking and baking as a hobby. Last year, I started a new tradition by baking Christmas goodies and making fudge and other chocolate treats as Christmas gifts. It was such a success that I would like to extend this tradition even further, and be able to send homemade goodies to my family […]


I have my own personal business, and each year I like to take advantage of the great pre-season discounts offered by The Gallery Collection, the leading business holiday cards publisher in the nation, from whom I order my holiday cards each year and send out to my loyal customers. I asked for two free samples […]


Using Christmas Cards to Think Outside the Box

by Henry L. on August 17, 2009

Christmas cards are sometimes more than meets the eye. Yes, I did just use a line from Transformers but not the movie…the only place real Transformers exist in my mind – the cartoon! Take any of those business Christmas cards you received this holiday season for instance. They may look like just mere Christmas cards […]


You must check out the newest personalized Christmas cards from the Gallery Collection. Being the devout Catholic that I am, I only send religious Christmas cards; I refuse to send out Season’s Greeting cards – except to my non-Christian friends, of course. Jesus is the reason for the season and I proudly proclaim this when […]


Last May my lovely daughter decided she needed a change of scenery and a warmer climate. Little did I know she would also need some inspiration in the form of some personalized thank you cards! It all started when she decided to move to California, where, to her delight, the scenery was gorgeous and the […]


When you have an occasion to send business get well cards, you don’t really want it to look like a corporate get well card. I mean, it should be friendly and attractive as opposed to stodgy and bland. When I look at design #222AY, Victorian Wreath Thinking of You Card, I see a soft and […]

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An Ironic Business Christmas Cards Keepsake

by Henry L. on August 3, 2009

When I got divorced from my ex-husband in 1989, it was a very stressful eight months of going back and forth between lawyers and negotiating over every possible detail involving the custody of our children. During the middle of all the negotiations, Christmas arrived with all the usual mail full of holiday cards. But this […]

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