October 2009

Design #577CW – Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card

by Henry L. on October 29, 2009

In design #577CW, Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card, Sunlight glistening on the dewy leaves lends a sparkle to the crisp autumn air. I love the way the bright dew drops contrast against the welcoming sun and warm brown tree and border. A stroll in the park after a big Thanksgiving dinner is just the ticket for […]


Even Mice Like Business Christmas Cards

by Henry L. on October 26, 2009

Last year, I mailed my business Christmas cards on December 28. Procrastination has always been my downfall but I was wholeheartedly determined to not let that happen again this year! I purchased my business holiday cards in September (at a great discount, I might add). I opened the box, reviewed my order and was very […]


Design #143CS, A Christmas Celebration Holiday Card, will make wonderful personalized Christmas cards to send to your friends and loved ones. This card is a depiction of an old fashion winter scene. You can see a family all bundled up sitting in an open sleigh, being pulled by two large Clydesdales over a snow covered […]

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What if there was no such thing as sending out personalized Christmas cards? You’d have no personal messages from family and friends; no winter scene artwork to decorate your home with; and no pictures of your loved ones to place on your mantle. Holiday cards have such a way of bringing a smile to your […]


Show your Colors with Patriotic Christmas Cards

by Henry L. on October 15, 2009

Patriotic Christmas cards seem to be a new fad in sending holiday greetings. When you first look at design #307CW, Patriotic Dove Peaceful Holiday Card, the tranquility of the beautifully embossed white dove evokes hope for peace. The leaves from the olive branch are being scattered and sent to all who recognize that America will […]


Corporate Christmas Cards for Our First Christmas

by Henry L. on October 12, 2009

My husband and I recently started a new business, and we thought it would be a great way to advertise this year by sending out our first corporate Christmas cards. We knew we needed professional looking Christmas cards and at a good value. We also wanted Christmas cards that would reflect our new business. We […]


Design #152CX – Elegant Thanksgiving Wishes

by Henry L. on October 8, 2009

Do you want to make an impression with your business clients and friends this Thanksgiving season? Well #152CX, Elegant Thanksgiving Wishes Card, is the business Thanksgiving cards design to send that will truly express your Thanksgiving goodwill in elegant style. This greeting card is printed on a smooth matte finish in tones of pale ivory […]


Is your company more conservative and traditional or is it more modernistic and newfangled? When selecting corporate Christmas cards to send to your clients and employees this year, keep in mind that your selection should be a reflection of your company’s business approach and its services provided. Financial institutions and medical providers might want to […]

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In today’s unstable economy, it is important for corporations, big and small, to let both their customers and vendors know that they are fiscally strong and solvent. With the holiday season fast approaching, what better way to do so then by sending business Christmas cards? Even in normal market conditions, sending business Christmas cards is […]

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