January 2010

In these challenging times, purchasing and sending corporate thank you cards may be the last thing we have on our minds; when in fact, this is the time we should be sending them. What better way to let your customers and colleagues know that they are appreciated – not just in good times, but even […]

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What’s more fun than an office birthday party! Send around an e-mail sign-up, we’ll have a pot luck and put up some decorations around the honoree’s desk. We’ll pick out some business birthday cards and have everyone sign. Offices are like families. We never really know how true this is. The reality is, sometimes the […]

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Anniversaries are a milestone whether personal or business. Sending business anniversary cards is a wonderful way to recognize the importance of your employees. Design #401AR, Anniversary Balloon Wishes Card, is a light-hearted card. Pastel balloons and streamers float along glossy paper stock with good wishes for a Happy Anniversary. This design is sure to bring […]

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Never Feel Sheepish About Sending Greeting Cards

by Henry L. on January 18, 2010

My twelve-year-old was doing a report on sheep. As I read it over (she is still at the stage where I am allowed to see her work), it struck me that the word “carding” took on a different meaning for me. Technically the term carding means to cleanse, disentangle, and collect together (as fibers) by […]

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It’s Not Easy Choosing Business Sympathy Cards

by Henry L. on January 15, 2010

It would be difficult to find practical instructions in any etiquette book for choosing and sending business sympathy cards. When a close personal friend loses a loved one, or when someone we have personally known dies and we want to reach out to that person’s grieving family, we act on instinct. For these personal expressions […]

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Why Business Anniversary Cards are the Best

by Henry L. on January 13, 2010

I love anniversary cards! And, business anniversary cards are the best! I’ll tell you why. If you’re someone who’s blessed with loving family, caring friends, and congenial co-workers, you may find yourself just a bit jaded about receiving lots of birthday cards and Christmas cards, and even get well cards when you’re ailing. If you’re […]

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588AR – Sparkling Balloon Birthday

by Henry L. on January 8, 2010

Companies that send business birthday cards to its employees are not only sending birthday wishes, they are promoting good feelings and a sense of belonging. But what type of card should a business select? Funny or serious? Vibrant colors or more subdued? This depends on the group who works there. Keep in mind several factors […]

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Two Birthdays and Lots of Birthday Cards

by Henry L. on January 4, 2010

Business birthday cards are a great way to bring a little bit of sunshine to the recipient. Every year I look forward to receiving the company birthday cards that I know are waiting for me when I come into work. Since I have been with The Gallery Collection, I have gathered eight years worth. I […]