Company Christmas Cards – To Sign or Not to Sign

If you have a staff of more than a few people does it make sense to pass each and every company Christmas card for signing? Well, the answer is yes…and no.

Wintergreen Christmas Card
Wintergreen Christmas Card – Design A8RJS

My husband, upon hearing this, would immediately accuse me of being deliberately obtuse. I am hedging my bets a bit but hear me out. There is usually logic, granted sometimes, hidden and a bit hard to find. It lurks in a dark recesses of my over burned brain. It can usually be found under thought about that pile of unopened mail on my kitchen table and whisper of a memory of when I was a care free youth. Ahh…but I digress. Something else I am often accused. Guilty as charged. Now back to the matter at hand.

Ok, cards should be hand signed always (unless you opt for a signature plate to be made) if you are the main act in the service industry. What do I mean by this? I mean that if you are say an insurance or financial agent and you service customer accounts and you want them to go straight to you for your insurance and financial needs then by all means, sign the Christmas cards. That personal touch goes a long way. Now there are also time when you want staff to also put their John Hancock in the sparkly pretty thing you just spent hard earned cash on to keep your name in front of your client or even patient. Say you are a dentist, doctor or lawyer. Let’s face it you staff is a key ingredient in your success and may spend more time interacting on a regular basis with your client or patient then even you do. So in this case I recommend they take the time to sign. You’d be surprised how people notice this and appreciate the time it takes.

When should you not bother to have employees sign? Well let’s face it, it takes some time and effort and if you are late in ordering and Christmas is just around the corner, I suggest the owner, manager etc sign only. Or, if you have an unusually large staff and the task become impractical. Another reason is if your work environment is messy or risks getting cards dirty etc. then it is best to leave them clean and unsigned.

I hope this helps in guiding you on who should sign your company Christmas cards. Now go find a good felt tip pen and have at it!

Who Should Sign the Company Christmas Cards?

When it comes to signing your company Christmas cards, there are a number of factors to consider.

Happy Holiday Trees Christmas Card
Happy Holiday Trees Christmas Card – Design H1RCX


First off, decide whether the cards will be imprinted with a person or person’s name or just the company name. If you are printing the company name inside the Christmas card without any personal names, then here are some options for both small and larger businesses.

Smaller Businesses
• Have the entire staff sign the cards. Keep in mind, this can take awhile and usually only recommended with a staff of 6 or less.
• Owner signs each of the cards – possibly writing a little extra note to the most valued clients.
• Owner has someone else sign the cards on behalf of him or her.

Mid to Large Size Businesses
It is generally not practical to ask an entire staff or department with more than 6 people to individual hand sign cards and, typically, the result is not aesthetically pleasing either. Here are some alternatives to consider:

• Imprinting the executives’ names inside the card and having them (or designates) to hand sign above the imprinted names on smaller quantities.
• On larger quantities it is generally recommended to have a signature plate made for the order. Doing so enables each executive or department staff, to sign only once and having that signed paper turn into a special plate to reproduce the signatures on each of the cards.
• When larger groups of people are signing, the results are often best when the signatures are offset by a graphic, such as the company logo, to provide a focal point.

Remember, whomever signs the company Christmas cards, be sure they do so with a good quality pen for best results.

Top 10 Employee Birthday Gift Ideas

The proper way to acknowledge and celebrate employee birthdays can really vary from company to company. Sure, thoughtful employers will always remember the employee’s special day with a quality greeting card but in some companies you just have to give a little.

But let’s face it, finding a gift that is appreciated, appropriate and affordable can be challenging. I always like to shop by personality type so check out the list below for the one that suits your employee’s style and personality. You will not only make quick work of buying that birthday gift you will show your employee that you notice them!

1. For the Office Geek – This little mason jar speaker with amplifier offers a little techno fun for the office geek that will appreciated for its small size but big sound.


2. For the Foodie – What to get your favorite junk food lovin’ foodie? How about a way to make their very own Hostess Cupcakes? Sold on Amazon for just under $30 bucks. Sweeet!!!


3. For the Funny, Social or Office Grouch – Whether your employee loves a good joke or love a reason to chew the fat or is the office grouch, they will sure to laugh with surprise when you drop this F Bomb Paperweight on them!


4. For the Retro Office Hipster – Do you have an employee who dares to be a little different and enjoys a blast from the past? This VW Van Toaster will bring back fond memories as he or she is munchin on a perfectly piece of toasted bread!


5. For the Take No Prisoners Employee – Even the no nonsense employee enjoys a bit of whimsy and humor while secretly liking the idea of warning fellow co-workers that no excuses will be tolerated! The Ashes of Wimps and Whiners Jar – available in a variety of colors will be sure to the trick!


6. For the Office Glam Queen – What else does your favorite glam gal enjoy doing the most besides taking selfies? Checking themselves out in the mirror of course! This stylish Brighton compact mirror will be a reflection of your good taste while keeping the queen happy.


7. For the Quirky Young Music Lover – Let her rock out like an animal and be cool like a kitty with this fun cat ear head set. You will officially be the coolest cat boss in the office with this gift.


8. For the Eco Conscious Nature Lover – This unique teardrop terrarium made of recycled glass is not only really cool but eco friendly. A great gift that helps bring a little outside indoors that will sure to be appreciated for its uniqueness.


9. For the Traveler – Your employees will no longer feel the pain of incurring extra baggage fees with this digital luggage scale. Anyone who loves to jet off on vacations will value this money saving, practical gift.


10. For the Footfall Sports Fanatic – If you are willing to go the extra yard to show how much you value your favorite football fan, then this autographed helmet will be sure to score big!


What to Bring to Your Office Birthday Party

If you work in an office that celebrates birthdays, you may find yourself wondering what to bring to the office birthday party if you have either just started working there or perhaps worked there so long you are looking for some fresh ideas. Look no further!

maxresdefault (1)


Not much of a cook? Your specialty could be finding some really great paper party goods. Themes are always fun so you might want to brainstorm some with co-workers before making the purchase. Be sure to get coordinating cups, napkins and paper plates as a bare minimum. But if you really want to make an impression, you can find some great printable party kits on Etsy that includes banners, toothpick flags, and much more.

If you are into making food, some great birthday party food includes bite size appetizers that easily pop in the mouth without making a mess. Remember, you are in an office environment where people frequently stand chatting and eating and don’t want to spend the remainder of their day wearing what they ate at the office birthday party.

If you want to bring food, look over the food list, if one exists, and check out what others are bringing. This is a good idea for two reason, so you don’t duplicate someone else’s dish and it can also help you come up with an idea to compliment the selection. For example, if someone is bringing in pie, why not pick up some gourmet flavored ice cream?

If you have a recipe that is a fan favorite, bring that if you know it is a proven crowd pleaser. It’s a nice and thoughtful touch to put a little hand made sign using a toothpick fork stating what the dish is and from who’s kitchen. If your dish contains nuts etc, it is also a great idea to add a little sign stating that for those with nut allergies. You will be viewed of as a considerate and observant co-worker.

Beverages is another way you can shine without having to ever light the oven. Don’t just bring an ordinary bottle of soda though. Why not whip up a great batch of homemade lemonade or ice tea complete with adding some slices of lemon and bringing in a plastic pitcher to serve it once there.

You don’t have to spend a lot to make an impression at your office birthday party. You just have to give it a little thought!

What To Write In Your Managers Birthday Cards

Sending or giving someone a birthday card requires some thought or at least I think it should. I like to pick birthday cards that reflect the relationship I have with the person. Some are more light-hearted, others more heart felt and some are more on the professional level.

Birthday Card

I generally don’t find it difficult to pick a card for my co-workers or boss but what to say inside can be more of a challenge particularly when trying to figure out what to write in a the birthday cards I sign and give to the managers at my company.

With those I have a close relationship with, I tend to write something a little warmer like

“Mark, Have a really awesome birthday!” or “Amanda, I hope you have a great birthday, you deserve it!” but that what do you write when you don’t really know someone all that well?

Certainly, a more generic closing is always a safe way to go if you don’t have much of a relationship with that person such as writing something like “Best Wishes to you on your Birthday!” or “Tim, I hope you celebrate your birthday doing all the things you most enjoy”. But let’s face it, safe can be a bit boring.

So what I like to do is personalize it a bit without getting too personal if you know what I mean. Writing a note in your manager’s card can demonstrate you pay attention at the workplace. Think back to something you heard your manager say that he or she enjoys doing. Does your boss like to fish? How about something like “Jerry, I hope you find some time to fit in a little fishing on your special day!” Or acknowledge your hard working boss (yes, your boss is a person too who appreciates being appreciated just like we all do) by writing something like “Danielle, I hope you find a little time to relax and enjoy your Birthday. Have a very Happy Birthday!” You have to be careful you don’t sound like you are just trying to suck up to the boss so I recommend keeping your birthday cards message to your manager positive and subtle.