Birthday Wishes for Everyone

As a human resources manager I am always looking to make sure the morale of the company is at an all-time high. Any little thing can matter in that regard. We try to plan socials after work to make sure our employees interact with each other, there’s the good old company picnic, and the one that never fails; the Holiday party. However, you must do the little things along the way as well.

One of those little things is the employee birthday card. Sounds like such a given in today’s world that you would get a card for an employee’s birthday but believe me most companies miss this small step towards morale boost. People like to know that you are thinking about them. This is true in life and definitely true in business. So make sure to get online and order those cards for the year because a five minute order process will go leaps and bounds to bringing the morale up in your company this year. Also make sure to vary up the cards so everyone does not get the same one. That will show you went the extra mile for your employees and they will appreciate you for it.

Animal Holiday Cards – Share your Love of Creatures Great and Small

Have you been sending your friends, family, or clients the same Christmas ornament card every year? Are you looking to send something different that would appeal to the majority of all your important recipients who may or may not celebrate the holidays?

Why not try sending an animal holiday greeting card this year? Almost everyone likes animals so not only is it the perfect way to share your love of creatures, great and small but it’s a great way to appeal to a wide audience.

Horses – Winter Parade Holiday Card
There is something majestic about this card featuring a herd of wild mustangs running through snow. The gold Holiday Greetings foil on the front adds an elegant touch to the card.

Penguins – Happy Holidays Penguins
“Happy Feet” never went out of style because people still love baby penguins. This card is THE penguin card to send during the holiday season, making it one of the most popular animal cards in the gallery.

Cats – Purr-fect Packages Christmas Card
Attention cat lovers: your life is not complete without this holiday cat card. These mischievous cats are popping out of gift boxes with a big grin and you know they are up to no good. This fun and silly card is hilariously cute and entertaining.

Dove – Patriotic Dove Peaceful Holiday Card
Finally, this inspiring Dove Card is patriotic and well-designed. The embossed details of the Dove and the American flag backdrop make this card a great choice to send to your valued business clients, friends, and family.

Die-Cut Birthday Cards vs Editable Text Birthday Cards

If you are a company or business that doesn’t already practice sending birthday cards, what are you waiting for? Sending birthday cards is a great practice that shows a lot of individual thought towards your clients and employees.

“But I already send out personalized holiday cards! Why do I have to send out cards on birthdays?”

Holiday cards are great during the holiday season to show your appreciation and care towards your clients and employees but people know they are sent in mass towards everyone on your mailing list. Birthday cards on the other hand, make individuals feel like you are remembering only them on their special day. This specific attention can make all the difference in securing a new client, increasing business or having your employees give 120% instead of 100% effort because they feel valued.

Remember, your main purpose is to have people associate good sentiment with your company. To do so, you need to personalize the front of your cards with your business name so people will always see your company name without having to open the card.

At the Gallery Collection, there are two types of front card personalization that you can choose. They are Die-Cut Birthday Cards and Editable Text Birthday Cards. We are going to highlight the differences between the two types of cards so you can choose the perfect card that will suit your company’s needs.

Die-Cut Birthday Cards
Special Features: A rectangular “window”-cut shows your custom imprint from the inside layer. Use Die-Cut Birthday Cards to prominently feature your company name on a maximum of two lines.
Example: Stars and Streamers

Stars and Streamers Birthday Card
Die-cut birthday cards are memorable because they use a rectangular box cut on the front flap so that the text underneath (your business name) displays through. The result is a cool effect that can look professional or fun, depending on the card design you choose.

If you decide upon on a die-cut birthday card for your company, we recommend choosing a “FOIL” color – gold or silver, for your imprint text so that your company name will stand out even more beautifully in the die-cut box.


Editable Text Birthday Cards
Special Features: Printed text personalization on the front: pick your own color, font, size, alignment.
Example: From All of Us Birthday Card

From All of Us Birthday Card

Editable text birthday cards are another kind of front card personalization that can make your company name stand out. Unlike the Die-Cut Birthday Cards, Editable Text Birthday Cards do not feature a cut-out box. However, Editable Text Birthday Cards are special because the font type, color, size, and text alignment are customizable on the front of the card. All of the editing can be done and previewed online when you choose an editable text birthday card from the Gallery Collection website.

In addition, you can also customize the inside imprint of editable text birthday cards. Therefore, editable text birthday cards give you a lot of flexibility into personalizing the card to fit you and your company’s image.

With this new information, hopefully you can find the card that fits exactly your company or business’ needs. Whether you choose a die-cut birthday card or an editable text birthday card, both types of cards will surely make a great professional impression.