Winter Scene Cards Bring Back Happy Memories

I don’t know about you but I always have the hardest time picking out my Christmas cards every year. I personally like to go with one of the winter scenes cards we offer since they seem to be the most universally appealing to the very diverse group of people on my holiday cards list. I also have a personal preference for the personalized holiday cards we offer with winter scenes since they bring back some very happy childhood memories

I am especially fond of winter scene cards depicting a country landscape, since those greeting cards remind me of the Christmas tree farm we would trek to every winter to cut down our family Christmas tree. If you have visions of ten-year-old girl wielding an ax, don’t worry, my dad was in charge of the cutting and my sisters, brother, and I were in charge of getting the hot chocolate and apple cider from the stand set up in the farm’s barn.

Looking back, my parents were pretty brave taking their five kids on this annual adventure. We weren’t exactly the most pleasant group of people to have in the back of a station wagon (later on, a minivan) for the two hour trip from our home in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon to the farming communities brimming with Christmas tree farms. Looking at winter scenes Christmas cards really puts a smile on my face. I think I’ll send one of those greeting cards to my parents and siblings to see if they all have the same thought when they get their holiday cards in the mail this year.

Are Custom Holiday Cards Worth the Extra Money?

Should I buy a box of business Holidays cards and fill them out myself? Or is it worth it to spend a little extra money for personalized Custom Holiday Cards? Are personalized holiday cards perceived as being more professional or do they come across as being too impersonal? These are the questions that fill my head when purchasing Holiday cards to send to my clients and vendors. One thing that’s for sure is personalized holiday cards will certainly save time. Hand signing over 200 Christmas cards is just not something I want to do, and I don’t think there’s anyone I dislike enough to ask to do this for me either.

Do personalized holiday cards seem too impersonal, though? I suppose I could hand write a note on the cards of those extra special customers. That will make my holiday greetings seem even more personal since I took the extra time to write a note in addition to having the cards personalized. That could work.

Personalized holiday cards can really make an impression and show how professional your company is. It’s rather impressive to receive custom holiday cards that are personalized. Custom holiday cards should be the way to go for any business. The extra money for the custom imprint is definitely smart investment. It’s really just a few extra dollars…a few extra dollars well spent. If it helps to set you apart from your competition and emphasize your professionalism, then it’s worth it!

Buying Personalized Holiday Cards – It’s Just the First Step

You know the old saying “The cobbler’s son has no shoes?” Strangely enough, since I work for a company that makes personalized holiday cards, it actually applies to me. I heard that saying a lot as I was growing up. Why? Well first there was my uncle. We lived in an apartment in his building and of course he would be the one to call whenever there was a plumbing problem because not only was he the landlord, he also owned his own plumbing business. Yet he would come and replace our faucet with old pieces he could find laying around and sometimes use duct tape to seal a leaky pipe, always saying he would be back to fix it later. And of course, later could mean 6 months, or even a year!

Then of course there is my grandfather, who after he retired from the fire department, started his own house painting business. Yet the outside of my grandparents’ house remained unpainted for about 27 years. In fact, it didn’t get painted until after he retired from that business and handed it down to my uncle who decided to surprise them and paint their house while they were away on vacation.

Now there’s me. My company, The Gallery Collection, specializes in personalized holiday cards. I’m able to order a custom holiday card imprinted with my family’s names and a holiday message. In addition, we can have the mailing envelopes printed with our return address. I pick out my personalized holiday cards in March for goodness sake! All I have to do come December is address the envelope, stick a stamp on it and mail it! Yet there I am every December 21st or 22nd, hurriedly going through my collection of old envelopes with return addresses as I send out my Christmas cards. No, I don’t have an address book. I simply have a collection of envelopes from greeting cards that I have received over the years. If you send me holiday cards with your return address on it, you’re sure to get greeting cards back. If you don’t, hopefully I can look up your address online. If you’re not listed, you’re probably out of luck and hopefully you will learn your lesson and include your address next time! That is…if there is a next time.