Holiday Photo Cards Put a New Spin on Greeting Cards

While I was sorting through my Christmas cards earlier this year, I put all the delightful holiday photo cards to the side as keepers. It took me quite a while to return to the photo cards but since it was raining this weekend, I decided I would spend some time putting the greeting cards in my photo album.

In this world of digital cameras, printed photos have almost gone out of style. It was such a pleasure to look at the photo cards that I received last Christmas. There were photo cards of family and friends from near and far; some of children that I have yet to meet in person. What a wonderful way to keep our friends and family close though the miles separate us. Digital photos are a great way to keep us up-to-date but how often do we keep these holiday greeting cards to look back on over the years? There is nothing like photos to bring loved ones to mind and to watch young ones grow as the years go by. Whether the photos are included in photo cards, albums or even in a box, they become treasured keepsakes.

Most of the photo cards I received were the traditional pictures of the children of friends and family. However, two of the holiday greeting cards opened my eyes to other uses for photo cards. How often do we say to ourselves “I wonder what that person looks like today?” One of the photo cards was a picture of a couple I had known as a teenager. What a great idea! I no longer have to wonder what they look like today.

Another one of the great personalized holiday cards I received came from friends who live across the country. It was a photo card of a picture of my friends with their new grandchild. I haven’t seen them in 20 years so it was a thrill to admire the new addition to their family and put this photo card in my album along with photos of the child’s father when he was young.

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