September 2012

Christmas Cards from my Cousin

by Henry L. on September 27, 2012

Working for 25 years for a company that produces Christmas cards has made me very aware of the cards I receive during the holidays. I like to look at the quality of paper and the original designs.  I have a cousin who is an exceptional artist and every year she designs her own cards. The […]


Mrs. Robinson’s Ode to Corporate Birthday Cards

by Henry L. on September 24, 2012

Receiving corporate birthday cards have saved a few years of my life. How so? I’ll start by explaining that when I thought of “birthdays” I thought of hard labor. To write or not to write? Which card and/or gift is appropriate? How much should I spend? Where is this neck pain coming from? Do I […]


Making Business Christmas Cards Personal

by Henry L. on September 20, 2012

Sending business Christmas cards is an ideal way to pass on cheer and goodwill to your colleagues and clients. There are so many cards to choose from out there – how do you find one that stands out from all the others?  You personalize them to make them your own!   I can confidently say that […]


Business Thanksgiving Cards Put You A Step Ahead

by Henry L. on September 17, 2012

This year more than ever businesses must get their names back out there. What better occasion than Thanksgiving to show how grateful you are to still be in business through these hard economic times? Thanksgiving cards are the best way to enhance your current relationships, remind old customers that you still exist and attract new […]


Yes, I Intend to Send Corporate Christmas Cards

by Henry L. on September 13, 2012

Did you say this is socially unacceptable and politically incorrect? Bah humbug. I know the reason for the Christmas season and will stay with its original purpose. Peace on earth, goodwill to men, a Christmas Eve service at a hometown church with a tranquil nativity scene in front to remind us of what is most […]


Company Holiday Cards Can Help Your New Business

by Henry L. on September 10, 2012

Due to the economic downsizing my husband lost his job and went on the unemployment line for a while. He had a passion for food and wanted to start a business with this idea. Having a culinary background in college it seemed like a great idea!  They say do what you love and it won’t […]


Christmas Cards – Adding a Personal Touch

by Henry L. on September 6, 2012

Christmas Cards are a great way to keep in touch with clients, family and friends.  Just a simple wish of peace, prosperity and happiness is all that is needed to let a person know they are in your thoughts.  That is why I always make sure to send cards to everyone in my contact list, […]


Rose the Card Lady and Assorted Birthday Cards

by Henry L. on September 3, 2012

My name is Rose, “The Card Lady,” and I would like to tell you how my name came to be… A few years ago I purchased a box of assorted birthday cards from The Gallery Collection. One week after I received them, I threw a surprise anniversary party for my parents at my house. A […]