Get Your Brand Name Out There

Some of the biggest mistakes in marketing are made by the smartest people. When you have a brand you need to make sure that brand is up front and center in everything you do. Sometimes this thought gets missed in the simplest of ways. For example think about the business Christmas cards you send out each year. The smallest little detail on this seemingly small bit of marketing material can make all the difference.

Did you know you can get a Christmas card that actually features your company name on the front of it? Of course, you did not or you would have just stopped reading this article. If your business has something to do with trucking get an industry specific trucking holiday card that has a nice truck on it and your company name on that truck. There is no excuse it is easy to do with today’s technology. If I am running a law firm there needs to be some sort of judicial card out there that I can get my name on the front.

The reason you make sure and do this is because most people do not throw Christmas cards out right away. They keep them on their desk or on a cubicle or in the company kitchen area. Maybe other perspective clients see that card with your name on it and maybe down the line when they need a trucking company or a law firm your name pops into their head for some reason. They will not know exactly why it popped into their head but we’ll know.

Which Type of Greeting Cards You Should Buy in Bulk

Greeting cards can be a great way of keeping your name in front of current and prospective clients. We’ve been discussing which type of Greeting Cards you should buy in bulk and have come up with several types that are a worthwhile investment.

We make it a point to always send an annual Holiday Card – sometimes at Thanksgiving and sometimes a bit later with “Season’s Greetings”. A few years we actually chose a Happy New Year’s card. I always go to The Gallery Collection first because you can count on having an extensive selection of beautiful designs to choose from and the quality is always excellent. It’s hard to go wrong.

With summer help from college kids, it’s easy to order early & have our holiday cards all done and ready to be mailed well before the fall. I make sure to order extra cards in case we want to add new contacts to our mailing later on. This way, we avoid the stress of having to rush to prepare and send out several hundred cards right at one of the busiest times of the year.

Since our holiday cards have proven to be such a hit for several years running, we decided three years ago to also start sending out Birthday cards to our clients too. Seeing the overwhelmingly positive response, we’ve decided that It’s well worth the money, time, and effort. There have been lots of calls, emails and notes from the people we really want to hear from – our clients.

Anniversary cards are also good to buy in bulk because you can keep them on hand and send them to anyone you want to, any time of the year. Again, it’s good public relations. You could always go with keeping an Anniversary Assortment Box on hand, but this year we wanted to go with a specific card with our own greeting printed inside. This way we customized our cards just the way we wanted and there was no extra cost for this option.

If you don’t already send your customers holiday cards, birthday cards, or anniversary cards consider adding them as a part of your normal business routine. It’s simply good public relations and the payoff could be great!