Get Your Brand Name Out There

Some of the biggest mistakes in marketing are made by the smartest people. When you have a brand you need to make sure that brand is up front and center in everything you do. Sometimes this thought gets missed in the simplest of ways. For example think about the business Christmas cards you send out each year. The smallest little detail on this seemingly small bit of marketing material can make all the difference.

Did you know you can get a Christmas card that actually features your company name on the front of it? Of course, you did not or you would have just stopped reading this article. If your business has something to do with trucking get an industry specific trucking holiday card that has a nice truck on it and your company name on that truck. There is no excuse it is easy to do with today’s technology. If I am running a law firm there needs to be some sort of judicial card out there that I can get my name on the front.

The reason you make sure and do this is because most people do not throw Christmas cards out right away. They keep them on their desk or on a cubicle or in the company kitchen area. Maybe other perspective clients see that card with your name on it and maybe down the line when they need a trucking company or a law firm your name pops into their head for some reason. They will not know exactly why it popped into their head but we’ll know.

6 thoughts on “Get Your Brand Name Out There”

  1. The cards that print the name on the front of good for businesses. I like having my company right there on the card and again inside.

  2. We get calendar cards. This allows us to advertise all year if the customers use them!

  3. The industry specific cards are great. The financial designs are perfect for my business.

  4. I think advertising your logo is a great idea, however, I think the logo should only be either on the front of the card or inside the card. Too much logo is overkill and kind of obnoxious in my opinion.

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