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5 Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid on Your Christmas Cards

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1. Season’s Greetings or Seasons Greetings or Seasons’ Greetings? The correct version is “Season’s Greetings” because they are the greetings of/for the season—the apostrophe shows possession. Without the apostrophe, or with it after the ‘s’, it indicates multiple seasons. Another common error is to write “seasonings greetings.” Don’t be that guy. 2. Misspelling Christmas. It […]


Send Your Business Holiday Cards As Soon As You Can

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  The first time my employer sent out Holiday cards was 3 years ago. He was just starting out, the business had only been operating for about 4 months when I was hired. One day in early November we received an envelope which came to us from someone the owner had come into business contact […]


When going on a job interview, asking the right questions is almost as important as answering the interviewer’s questions! Asking insightful questions of your potential employer can assure them that you are the right candidate and, as your questions are usually near the end of the interview, can leave a positive lasting impression of you. […]