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The first time my employer sent out Holiday cards was 3 years ago. He was just starting out, the business had only been operating for about 4 months when I was hired. One day in early November we received an envelope which came to us from someone the owner had come into business contact with recently. It was a holiday card. Once he looked at it he got very excited and said “We’ve got to do this too!”

I called the company we got the card from and was given many options. Personalizing the card was more intense than I imagined. I never knew there were so many different types of holiday cards or realized how much thought can go into sending a business holiday card. I ordered a catalog and some samples to be mailed to us. We received the mailing and he decided what he wanted.

In the meantime he also contacted that business associate who sent us the first holiday card. He asked him some questions about how this helped his business. He then explained why you should send your business holiday cards as soon as you can. He was in business over a dozen years and in his opinion you get more visual advertising time for your money the longer these unique, beautifully personalized cards are on display in your customer’s office.

With all the chaos at holiday time, he decided to do it as soon as possible. It was very interesting when we got our first holiday card and we displayed it in a very visible area. Being the first one to send the cards out can help to start an opening dialogue point with some of your newest clients.

16 thoughts on “Send Your Business Holiday Cards As Soon As You Can”

  1. I purchased my current home over 10 years ago with the assistance of a realtor. He always sent us a holiday card each year. Now that we have an empty nest and are considering down sizing; guess which was the first realtor who popped into our heads?

  2. Sending holiday cards to your customers is great advertisement, especially when your a new company. Customers love the fact that you are thanking them for their business. I do agree to send them out early so your card will make a lasting impression.

  3. Business Holiday cards are a great way to get your foot in the door without the intrusion of physical presence. The quality of Gallery Collection cards especially transmits your respect and gratitude for a client’s loyalty and business.

  4. Its never to early to give your clients/customers a token of your appreciation. They’re sure to remember the first greeting card of they year they received. 🙂

  5. We get our cards out December 1 every single year. We like to be timely and make sure our customers can enjoy the warm wishes.

  6. As mentioned in a previous comment about a realtor, receiving Holiday cards from a business you’ve used before definitely imprints them into your mind. When it comes time to call up someone in that field, customers are way more likely to use that business again.

  7. For a small start up business it is a little overwhelming taking on all the different ways there are to advertise your business. However this has really opened a new perspective for me. Sending out business holiday cards seems to be one of the easiest ways to get your business out there. Definitely an inexpensive way to attract and keep new clients.

  8. It is best to get the cards out early because you only get busier as the holidays approach. I always aim for sending them out immediately after Thanksgiving.

  9. You know that photo at the top makes me wish I knew calligraphy so I could address my cards beautifully. Though if I had to do that I might need to start my cards in September!

  10. Business cards are crucial to get out early because you want to make the best impression you can on current and future clients. It is a great way to get your business out there.

  11. I send New Year’s cards for my business bc I like to get them out after the madness ends and people are paying attention. It is also a good way to start of the year.

  12. I have a large pool of clients and potential clients for my company. I don’t just send out holiday business cards for Christmas, I send them out all throughout the year. Most people tend to send Christmas cards so I like to also differentiate myself form the pack and get my name out there when no one else is thinking to. We order several times a year from the Gallery Collection and the cards are beautiful and make such a great impression.

  13. This is a great article. Wish there would be some expansion on the numbers of it all . . . I wonder how many people who receive cards remain customers, what percentage of new clients this ‘advertising’ brings in, cost per card, etc. I’m debating if this step is right for my business, but I need more calculations to solidify an answer.

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