Design 717CX – Thanksgiving in the Park Holiday Card

Thanksgiving has always brought a feeling of warmth to my family. The chill in the air, the smell of cinnamon and apples as pies are baking in the oven, and the thrill of excitement on the city streets announce the time of year. Design 717CX – Thanksgiving in the Park Holiday Card, reminds me of those wonderful holidays spent growing up in the city. I can feel the anticipation as I prepare the dining room table for our sumptuous feast and several heads peek around the corner trying to judge just how long a wait there is. Finally everyone takes their places and the joy that is on their faces lights my day. Oh, Thanksgiving in our city apartment is wonderful. Thanksgiving cards can share that wonderful warm feeling with everyone.

Design 717CX - Thanksgiving in the Park Holiday Card
Design 717CX - Thanksgiving in the Park
Holiday Card

Design 717CX – Thanksgiving in the Park Holiday Card, showcases an array of vibrant colors set in front of stark city buildings. It brings a feeling of awe for the beauty of nature with Happy Thanksgiving simply stated beneath the lovely setting of autumn in the park. The tone on tone embossing surrounds the central picture featured in yellow, rust, green, brown, and flecks of gold on a buff card evoke a feeling of pleasure. I can feel the crisp air and smell the roasting turkey as I look at this richly displayed scene. Just like we do in my family, you will want to take a walk in the park after dinner.

The feeling of warmth that the Thanksgiving season brings will spread as you send these exquisite cards to associates, clients and family.

Design 725CS – Vintage Holiday Greetings

The old family Woody! Design 725CS – Vintage Holiday Greetings Card, is the perfect image for personalized holiday cards. Most people love to see that old automobile in photos or drawings; it may bring back fond memories of times past, a reminder of friends and family and holiday traditions that you still pass on to this day. What a great way to put a smile on the face of everyone who receives this treasured holiday classic!

Design 725CS – Vintage Holiday Greetings Card, is a beautiful watercolor of the woody wagon automobile all dressed up for the season, carrying home the beloved family Christmas tree and all decked out with a wreath pinned to the grill of the car. The bright Christmas red of the automobile against the green tree makes this card a true stand out. It is finished off with a hint of silver foil to add a little bit of sparkle. This holiday card is so beautiful it can be framed and displayed, and bring joy to all who see it, all year long.

Design 725CS - Vintage Holiday Greetings Card
Design 725CS - Vintage Holiday Greetings Card

Design 713CS – Glowing Ornament Christmas Card

I remember many a Christmas Eve, much like Design 713CS – Glowing Ornament Christmas Card, when I was younger and it would snow. There was about a foot of snow on the ground and everyone was walking to Church for the midnight service, and I felt such an overwhelming sense of peace. As I entered the church there was warmth and a feeling of belonging. Later that evening we all sat together near the tree and read our Christmas cards, and everything seemed right in the world.

When I look at Design 713CS – Glowing Ornament Christmas Card, I imagine the peaceful serenity of that Christmas Eve as the choir sings in the small village church surrounded by pine trees and twinkling stars. The snow is slowly falling in fluffy flakes as you warmly embrace the message of joy on a cold December evening. That sense of belonging and peace is enclosed in this holiday ornament card depicted on a glossy white card stock. The pale blue ribbon and colorful ornament are lined in elegant silver foil next to the simple message of Merry Christmas.

Design 713CS - Glowing Ornament Christmas Card
Design 713CS - Glowing Ornament
Christmas Card

I know when you send this card everyone receiving it this Christmas will feel that you have shared something special with them.

Design 826CX – Holly Berry Season’s Greetings

Design 826CX – Holly Berry Season’s Greetings, is a design that truly invokes the beauty of nature during the holiday season. The simplicity of nature has always shown me beauty which enables me to decorate my home for the holidays with style and grace. Gathering holly and berries is an annual event for my family. We go to our place in the country for a weekend every year in early December. Bright and early after a pancake breakfast we visit the local Christmas tree farm and cut down the perfect tree and amidst friendly teasing we tie it to the top of our car. Saturday afternoon finds us out in the woods gathering all the holly and berries we will need for the season. It’s always a wonderful family memory that lingers long after the holidays are over. Every year I try to find personalized Christmas cards for my office that match the wonderful holiday feelings that trip to the country gives me.

Design 826CX - Holly Berry Season’s Greetings
Design 826CX - Holly Berry Season’s Greetings

Design 826CX – Holly Berry Season’s Greetings, is a lovely hunter green card embossed with gentle swirls. The gold frame in the center appears to have a mesh screen of gold with a perfect gathering of gold foil holly branches highlighted by red foil berries. These are gathered together with a brighter green foil ribbon and bow with the simple message of “Season’s Greetings” printed below. A perfectly elegant holiday card with good thoughts sent from a firm of people who love the simple pleasures of life.

Design 709CS – Greetings from Paradise

Whether this scene is on an island in the Caribbean or somewhere along the coast of Florida, Design 709CS – Greetings From Paradise, certainly does look like paradise to me!  There aren’t many people in the country this year who weren’t suffering through one of the coldest, snowiest winter seasons in a long while.  Just think what a breath of fresh air it will be for them as they gear up for another snowy winter this upcoming Christmas and then receive  sunny personalized Christmas cards!

Design 709CS – Greetings From Paradise, is perfect for just about anyone…those that live in a sunny, warm climate or those that just wish they did!  I love how the light foil accents really make it look like the Christmas lights on the trees and boat are twinkling! The embossing really makes this card come to life.  Your “warm” holiday greetings conveyed by this card will be welcomed by all on your Christmas list.

Design 709CS - Greetings from Paradise Holiday Card
Design 709CS - Greetings from Paradise
Holiday Card

Design 705CS – Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Design 705CS – Wishing you a Merry Christmas, features a lively group of carolers that are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit! The deep embossing on these personalized Christmas cards seems to bring this merry band of snowmen to life and the shimmering foil accents and lettering are a perfect touch. This festive troupe is just having too much fun and even the dog and cat are along for the entertainment as well! This is a fun holiday card that anyone would love to receive in the mail and put on display for everyone to see. It’s a real celebration of Christmas spirit!

Design 705CS - Wishing you a Merry Christmas
Design 705CS - Wishing you a Merry Christmas

The message on the front is simple, yet sincere. The snowman sing along will put everyone who sees it in the holiday spirit. You and everyone on your Christmas card list will want to join in the fun and sing along too! Design 705CS is a perfect choice for those that want to send a touch of whimsy along with their holiday greetings!

Design #850CS – Midnight Snowflake Sparkle

Design #850CS – Midnight Snowflake Sparkle Holiday Card, really catches your attention. I think it’s a perfect design to send to business associates. I don’t often know which holidays are celebrated by each of them, but I do know that not all of them celebrate Christmas in the religious sense. These holiday greeting cards even work for sending good wishes to my myriad of friends. After all, who could take offense at Mother Nature’s beautiful snowflakes? Both the lovely falling snowflakes and the gorgeous color scheme of shimmering foils and deep blue card stock make this a design that anyone can treasure, no matter what they celebrate.

Design #850CS - Midnight Snowflake Sparkle Holiday Card
Design #850CS - Midnight Snowflake Sparkle
Holiday Card

Like a 3-D movie, the brilliant starry snowflakes of this design seem to be floating in and out of a midnight blue background. The glow of solid silver and solid teal foils are magically balanced with reflective silver foils, in exquisitely embossed lacy detail. What a rich way to send my Season’s Greetings!

Design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork

If you like the country-inspired look and feel for your personalized Christmas cards, then you will love design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork Holiday Card. This card is a perfect example of country life in New England. There is such a beautiful story in this painting by Jane Wooster Scott. Just sit and look at all the detail and find the parts of the plot – a late evening sky with a stork carrying a newborn baby; a sign of renewal and rejoicing. Then in the lower portion of the card is the doctor in the carriage racing to get to the expected parents before the stork arrives. The soft blue cast upon the village and the snow on the ground creates a wonderful cold, crisp feeling of winter with a moonlit sky above. You can almost feel the wind blowing through the village. Gee, I wonder if this could also be Christmas Eve to boot!

Design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork Holiday Card
Design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork
Holiday Card

This holiday card gives me such a warm, wonderful feeling just looking at it. Imagine how your friends and family will feel when they receive it in the mail for Christmas. I happen to love any card or picture that tells a story. It makes it so much more interesting and fun to give and receive. This card is a favorite of many people and is also suitable for framing. It is sure to be enjoyed for many Christmases and holiday seasons to come!

Design #688CX – Merry Christmas Sleigh Bells

Sending and receiving Merry Christmas cards is a special tradition that can bring back childhood memories that trigger the sounds of the season. Sleigh bells are one of those happy sounds that are synonymous with the holiday season. Many carols have bells in the lyrics or use bells as one of the instruments in the background. The bells on design #688CX, Merry Christmas Sleigh Bells Card, are good enough to hang on a one horse open sleigh! Six gold bells hang from a luxurious red ribbon. The embossed detail on buff card stock gives this design a rich quality that will catch your eye and delight the recipient. Gold foil or red ink will make the greeting and personalization on the inside match the color scheme on the front.

Design #688CX - Merry Christmas Sleigh Bells Card
Design #688CX - Merry Christmas Sleigh Bells Card

Just looking at the beautiful bells on this card can bring back warm memories of Christmases past. It’s a good feeling you’ll want to share with everyone!

Design #072CT – Burgundy Jewel

I have a “thing” for Christmas tree ornaments. I simply love them and can’t get enough. I have ornaments from the family trees of my childhood. I have homemade ornaments from those first few, somewhat impoverished newlywed years. I have ornaments collected by, and given to, various members of our family. Each year I buy a selective few more, and my kids have even taken to bringing me ornaments as mementos from their vacation trips so my grandchildren and I can hang them on my tree. Believe me when I say, there is quite a variety of interesting and beautiful ornaments on my tree each year.

None, however, is anything like the stunning ornament depicted in design #072CT, Burgundy Jewel Card, which I’ve decided to use for my custom Christmas cards. The most difficult thing to describe about this card is the intriguing balance it strikes between elegantly traditional and richly exotic. Its unusual shape makes me think of clever Japanese origami. The scrolled vines with leaves and berries, the lines, and curlicues of reflective silver foil look like the finely wrought inlays you might find in the surface of an artistically crafted treasure box. This “box” is of the deepest, satiny burgundy. The pyramidal shape carries a portent of good luck.

Design #072CT - Burgundy Jewel Card
Design #072CT - Burgundy Jewel Card

The ornament hangs from a golden foil ribbon, its ends festooned with crystal prisms. This ribbon with crystal ends is a repeated theme, hanging from the bottom tip of the ornament. The large bow at the ornament’s top is striped with solid and reflective gold foils, but tied with simplicity. A sweet sprig of evergreen and berry branches, tucked into the bow, is delicately detailed in mirrored silver foil.

Set within a finely drawn frame of light-refracting foil, with an understated “season’s greetings” at its base, this ornament projects both sophistication and warmth.