Design 717CX – Thanksgiving in the Park Holiday Card

Thanksgiving has always brought a feeling of warmth to my family. The chill in the air, the smell of cinnamon and apples as pies are baking in the oven, and the thrill of excitement on the city streets announce the time of year. Design 717CX – Thanksgiving in the Park Holiday Card, reminds me of those wonderful holidays spent growing up in the city. I can feel the anticipation as I prepare the dining room table for our sumptuous feast and several heads peek around the corner trying to judge just how long a wait there is. Finally everyone takes their places and the joy that is on their faces lights my day. Oh, Thanksgiving in our city apartment is wonderful. Thanksgiving cards can share that wonderful warm feeling with everyone.

Design 717CX - Thanksgiving in the Park Holiday Card
Design 717CX - Thanksgiving in the Park
Holiday Card

Design 717CX – Thanksgiving in the Park Holiday Card, showcases an array of vibrant colors set in front of stark city buildings. It brings a feeling of awe for the beauty of nature with Happy Thanksgiving simply stated beneath the lovely setting of autumn in the park. The tone on tone embossing surrounds the central picture featured in yellow, rust, green, brown, and flecks of gold on a buff card evoke a feeling of pleasure. I can feel the crisp air and smell the roasting turkey as I look at this richly displayed scene. Just like we do in my family, you will want to take a walk in the park after dinner.

The feeling of warmth that the Thanksgiving season brings will spread as you send these exquisite cards to associates, clients and family.

4 thoughts on “Design 717CX – Thanksgiving in the Park Holiday Card”

  1. I grew up in Brooklyn. We totally had city holidays, and the memories are just as warm and fuzzy as any country home. In fact, I didn’t just smell our turkey, I could smell the whole block!

  2. I love city scenes like these. As a city girl, I feel the city sometimes gets a bad rap. Yes, autumn in the country is truly beautiful but it can be just as beautiful in the city as well. I love how this card seems to take a snapshot of the city and show that beauty.

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