Design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork

If you like the country-inspired look and feel for your personalized Christmas cards, then you will love design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork Holiday Card. This card is a perfect example of country life in New England. There is such a beautiful story in this painting by Jane Wooster Scott. Just sit and look at all the detail and find the parts of the plot – a late evening sky with a stork carrying a newborn baby; a sign of renewal and rejoicing. Then in the lower portion of the card is the doctor in the carriage racing to get to the expected parents before the stork arrives. The soft blue cast upon the village and the snow on the ground creates a wonderful cold, crisp feeling of winter with a moonlit sky above. You can almost feel the wind blowing through the village. Gee, I wonder if this could also be Christmas Eve to boot!

Design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork Holiday Card
Design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork
Holiday Card

This holiday card gives me such a warm, wonderful feeling just looking at it. Imagine how your friends and family will feel when they receive it in the mail for Christmas. I happen to love any card or picture that tells a story. It makes it so much more interesting and fun to give and receive. This card is a favorite of many people and is also suitable for framing. It is sure to be enjoyed for many Christmases and holiday seasons to come!

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