Design 734CW – Lyrical Tree Christmas Card

The Gallery Collection has done it again! Just when you think they can’t get any better they come up with vertical business Christmas cards. Design 734CW – Lyrical Tree Christmas Card is just one example of the beautiful designs available. The design is a mix of litho and foil printed on Mohawk Smooth White; this card stock is FSC certified paper so not only is it a very clever card it is eco-friendly. Business Christmas cards always stand out in a crowd of other cards, but now with vertical they can also stand above the rest.

Design 734CW – Lyrical Tree Christmas Card, is exactly that, lyrics to the Christmas carols “Deck the Halls” and “Oh, Christmas Tree” which are printed as if the words were ribbon-swirling back and forth to become the shape of a Christmas tree. The lyrics are decorated with bright gold foil ornaments which are embossed to make them really pop.

Design 734CW - Lyrical Tree Christmas Card
Design 734CW - Lyrical Tree
Christmas Card

We all know how important it is to send Christmas cards to the loyal people that support our businesses throughout the year, and it is equally important to send the best quality cards around!

Design 731CS – Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card

Design 731CS – Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card, is a photograph of an apricot tree on a Rocky Mountain ranch in Western Colorado.  On the surface of the photograph, which has been embossed to appear three dimensional, is a light sprinkling of silver foil which brings the snow to life. There is something soothing and peaceful in winter scenes holiday cards, like a hush. Winter scenes are also perfect for someone looking for Season’s Greetings cards. This scenic design is printed on kromekote which is an FSC certified paper.

When I found that the photograph on Design 731CS – Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card, was of an apricot tree I wondered how it survived in what seems to be a blizzard. I think of fruit trees as growing in warm climates not Western Colorado of all places.  Turns out that apricot trees can tolerate the cold weather unless they are just starting to blossom and there is a late frost.  Maybe winter scenes holiday cards should come with a fact sheet so we can admire while we learn!


Design 731CS - Snow-Covered Tree Holiday Card
Design 731CS - Snow-Covered Tree
Holiday Card


More Customer Reviews of Gallery Collection Greeting Cards – Wow!

Personalized Christmas cards are our business.  We take great pride in providing a quality product to our customers. From the time an order is taken and each step it goes through in between, we take great care to ensure that the product that we ship out is of the highest quality.  Every person that handles an order truly cares about the end result.

We also offer All Occasion Greeting cards. No matter what type of card you are looking to purchase, we will do our best to make sure that our customers get a great quality product in the timeliest manner possible.

Once the order leaves our facility, we don’t always get to hear or see our customers’ reaction. Getting to see reviews such as the ones shown below lets us know that the time and effort that we put forth is well worth it.

5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jul-06-2011

“My experience with the Gallery collection has been exceptional. My order was shipped very quickly and the item itself is of very good quality. There were no errors on my selection and I will be ordering from them again. Thank you so much for providing exceptional service. ”

Gallery Collection – Thank you! We are happy that you had a great experience. We look forward to serving you again!
5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jul-05-2011

“It was easy to order online. We received the cards in great condition within 4 business days. Just as we ordered. Excellent turn around time even with a holiday weekend inbetween. The cards are of very nice card stock and very good quality. This nice of a quality card can make a wonderful impression.”

Gallery Collection – Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly working on improving our website and are glad to hear that you found it easy to order. We work very hard to ensure that our customers get our high quality product in a timely fashion.
5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-28-2011

“This is the sixth year we have purchased our Christmas cards from the Gallery Collection. The cards are beautiful. The paper stock is first class. The service and delivery are excellent. Of all the catalogs we receive, the Gallery Collection offers the best value for our money.”

Gallery Collection – Thank you for being a loyal customer and for putting your trust in us for six years. We appreciate your comments and are glad that we have been able to provide you with the quality and service that you have come to expect. We hope to serve you for many years to come!

Design #867CX – Holiday Berry Wreath Christmas Card

I have always loved Christmas cards with simple elegant beauty. Before now I had not thought that the color black was attractive for Christmas cards. It always seemed more appropriate for the holiday season to use more vibrant colors. I changed my mind when a card with the utter beauty of a wreath of gold berries done in lustrous foil against a deep black background took my breath away. Design 867CX – Holiday Berry Wreath Christmas Card, with its sprinkling of red berries and a simple bow done in a rich red foil, has been elevated to a level of beautiful sophistication. Season’s Greetings printed in a flowing script states exactly what I want to convey to my clients and associates.

Design 867CX - Holiday Berry Wreath Christmas Card
Design 867CX - Holiday Berry Wreath
Christmas Card

This exquisite personalized holiday card on sturdy black stock is my choice this holiday season. Design 867CX – Holiday Berry Wreath Christmas Card makes me feel I am sending my clients and associates a tastefully simple yet exquisitely beautiful holiday wish this year.

Design 739CX – Thanksgiving Berry Garden Holiday Card

When shopping for holiday greeting cards I’ve never actually considered Thanksgiving cards.  Automatically I head straight for the Christmas cards.  You know the ones with snow scenes, wreaths, ornaments or Christmas trees as the cover design.   I might choose a card depicting a Nativity scene for those friends who celebrate the day as a religious holiday or maybe a card that observes Hanukkah for Jewish friends.  But in my search I discovered Design 739CX – Thanksgiving Berry Garden Holiday Card, which caught my attention and drew me toward it.  The design isn’t quite what one might come to expect from Thanksgiving cards.  Typically I would describe most Thanksgiving designs as robust, featuring the bold colors of autumn, pumpkins, covered bridges, cornucopias and turkeys.  This card, on the other hand, is a delicate display featuring a spray of berry branches adorned with soft, pastel colored foil berries.

Design 739CX - Thanksgiving Berry Garden Holiday Card
Design 739CX - Thanksgiving Berry Garden Holiday Card

Design 739CX – Thanksgiving Berry Garden Holiday Card, is also a great way to extend goodwill at the start of the traditional holiday season.  And since it is a secular holiday it offers the opportunity to express your feelings to one and all confidently.  There is never a need to concern yourself as to whether a specific card is appropriate or not for any of your friends or clients.

Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card

Every year as autumn approaches we begin to think about the holiday season that is fast upon us.  They begin with Halloween, then comes Thanksgiving, then Christmas.  And with the holidays comes the annual selection of personalized holiday cards.  Recently I came across a specific card, Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card, that immediately caught my attention.  It is a bright, cheery design that catches the eye and brings a smile to your face.  Colorful buildings are set in a rural country village featuring horse drawn sleighs while carolers in the Village Square sing in front of an evergreen tree decorated for the holidays.

Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card
Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card

The cartoon like artwork of Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card, has a whimsical feel with farm animals peeking from behind barn doors and windows, wreaths hung everywhere and Christmas trees prominently displayed in some of the homes.  And as smoke wafts from chimneys a bright full moon teams up with seemingly endless stars that fill the night sky to illuminate the snow covered village below.  Santa Claus is ready for a landing as he descends from the sky with his famous reindeer and gift laden big red sleigh to deliver presents to the joyful townsfolk. This design will be something fun for everyone who receives it.

Design 735CS – The Northern Cardinal Holiday Card

Design 735CS – The Northern Cardinal Holiday Card, depicts a male cardinal perched on a snowy pine branch. We know that this cardinal is a male by its bright red color; a shade of red you can’t take your eyes off and the red is so striking against the white snow. This photo works well for personalized Christmas cards because it seems to illustrate the holidays and give one a cozy, familiar feeling. According to National Geographic the male Northern Cardinal is perhaps responsible for getting more people to open up a field guide than any other bird due to its vibrant color.

Design 735CS - The Northern Cardinal Holiday Card
Design 735CS - The Northern Cardinal
Holiday Card

The Northern Cardinal is a songbird; they sing about two dozen songs. You can almost hear the cardinal singing the card’s message of Season’s Greetings. The Northern Cardinal design would also make an appropriate  business holiday card because the image and message are non-denominational.

Design 735CS – The Northern Cardinal Holiday Card, is printed on a glossy paper called kromekote. Kromekote is now FSC certified so not only would you be choosing a beautiful Season’s Greeting card but you would also be helping to preserve our forests; the FSC logo is printed on the back of the card. The cardinal photograph is bordered in green to accent the green in the pine branches and the red drop shadow panel is embossed to give the card more character. The shimmering silver foil sprinkled on the tree giving the illusion of sparkling snow.

Customer Reviews of Gallery Collection Greeting Cards – Wow!

Ever want to know what your customers REALLY think of you? Well, after recently opening ourselves up to Reseller Reviews we have found out! And you know what? We are so glad we did! Seriously, we were blown away at what we have read. For a company whose employees take true pride in providing a top quality product and delivering amazing customer service here at The Gallery Collection, you might understand that some of these reviews actually brought a tear to our collective eyes.

So without further ado, here is what some of our customers have to say about our Christmas cards and All-Occasion greeting cards (no editing of responses or timeline were done) and here is what we have to say back to them…

5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-17-2011

“My experience with Gallerycollection has been excellent. Great products and speedy delivery. “

Gallery Collection: Thank you! Providing our customers with excellent product and service is what we strive for.


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-16-2011

“Gallery Collection has a fabulous assortment of cards. Our company has ordered these cards for birthdays, congratulations, sympathy, anniversaries, get well, and thank yous. I am pleased at the high quality and brilliant colored designs. People are always honored to receive them.”

Gallery Collection: Wow! That was so nice! We are so pleased that you are pleased.


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-15-2011

“The Gallery Collection never disappoints us. This is the fifth year we’ve ordered our Company holiday cards from Gallery, and we find the artistry to be inspired and the production quality flawless. We also appreciate the significant discount offered us every year for ordering early. Every business in America should be this well managed and operated. Thanks for a very valued service. “

Gallery Collection: @chilmarkcharle we were blown away by your review. We couldn’t ask for anything better. Many thanks for your kind words.


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-14-2011

“We had not ordered in 5 years and none of the previous order information was on file in our offices. I went on line and found the cards that we needed being featured in a 50% discount + $75 off sale. I entered the order information online and submitted it. I received a confirmation email regarding the order. I was unsure about the artwork due to the time between orders. Phyllis called me within a day or two of the order to inform me that the logo was not on file and that I would have to re-submit it. She was very professional. She left exact instructions for what I needed to do. We kept missing each other on the phone, but we communicated by messages. I told her that I had a $200 budget and would need to switch the shipping rate to compensate for the cost for the logo. She found the best rate for me and kept my bill under budget. This was a very pleasant shopping experience. I will choose to continue doing business with this company. “

Gallery Collection: That is terrific to hear. We are glad that our customer service representative, Phyllis, was able to help you with your budget considerations. We are here to serve and keep our customers happy and provide that “very pleasant shopping experience” each and every time!


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-14-2011

“The website was easy to manipulate and the products were displayed beautifully………….”

Gallery Collection: Super. We work hard to make our website as user friendly as possible. 🙂

Design 154CX – Watercolor Poinsettia Holiday Card

Being an artist and loving to paint, I have a bit of pressure every year to send out the perfect personalized Christmas cards. I am very interested in watercolors so when I saw Design 154CX – Watercolor Poinsettia Holiday Card, I knew I finally found the perfect card for me.

One of the unique features of this Christmas card is the colors of the flowers and ivy on the front of the card.  With its beautiful splash of colors, it actually looks like an artist brush stroked each and every card personally. The poinsettias are delicately placed on thick matte, buff colored paper which allows you to choose personalizing inside of the card, of either ink or foil printing, with ease. You can choose either the red or green ink to match the flower and ivy accents, or if you prefer your personalized Christmas card a bit more elegant looking , you can emboss the inside of the card in beautiful gold foil to match the gold flakes of shimmering snow falling around the poinsettia flowers. Each flake on the front of the card is bursting with an array of different colors depending on how the light hits the snow flake. I personally love how the gold foil looks when you open up this card and see how it glistens in the light.

Design 154CX - Watercolor Poinsettia Holiday Card
Design 154CX - Watercolor Poinsettia
Holiday Card

With the poinsettia being a symbol of the Christmas season, when your clients, friends and family receive Design 154CX – Watercolor Poinsettia Holiday Card, they will immediately identify that the Christmas season is upon us once again.

Design 307CW – Patriotic Dove Peaceful Holiday Card

Every year at Christmas, my father goes through all the holiday greeting cards he has received to see which ones were purchased from the company I work for. This all started years ago when I spotted one of “my” cards, Design 307CW – Patriotic Dove Peaceful Holiday Card, sitting on his fireplace mantel. It was a holiday card from his investment broker depicting a white dove against an American flag background with the words “Peace on Earth” inscribed in gold lettering. He was fascinated that a company created patriotic Christmas cards and this one especially brought to mind a “greeting card” he had received back in 1945. Being the 83 year old reminiscing storyteller that he has become, my father proceeded to tell me about the “greeting card” he received that year.

Design 307CW – Patriotic Dove Peaceful Holiday Card
Design 307CW – Patriotic Dove
Peaceful Holiday Card

He had just turned 18 and by law had to register with the local draft board. World War II was winding down in Europe but was still going full force in the Pacific. He had been assured he would not be called to serve before he graduated from high school in a few months. In the interim, his school officials were working with the Navy to get him into a new training program.

Shortly after graduation in May, he received a rather “bland” notice via telegram that began: “Greetings. You have been accepted by the United States Navy as a volunteer for their Electronic Technician Training Program. Report to… Congratulations.”

Recently, my father was going through some old papers in his desk and he came across this tattered, worn telegram that changed his life in many ways. His first thought was that this piece of paper should have been put in a picture frame many years ago because of the impact it had on his life. His second thought was that this message should have arrived on beautiful Design 307CW – Patriotic Dove Peaceful Holiday Card, inscribed in gold foil with the message of his induction into the Navy embossed with the official naval insignia inside. If that had been the case, this multi-colored patriotic greeting card would have been proudly displayed on the wall of his living room for the past 65 years.