Business Birthday Cards Can Be Super Easy

Your company has the best business birthday cards I have seen anywhere. I have been purchasing birthday cards for our clients as well as the employees for a few years. This year your mailing came across my desk, which prompted me to go to your website and once there I realized there were many more to choose from than the company we had been ordering with the past couple years.

Birthday Box Sparkle Greeting Card

These were very professional looking cards, bright and cheery, but still business appropriate. Since I knew this was exactly what my administrator had been looking for, I called your company and inquired about getting a sample or two. What wonderful people and great customer service! Not only did I get to speak with a live person immediately, the young man was extremely pleasant! It seemed as if he was grinning as we spoke.

When the samples arrived we were really impressed with the texture and feel of the cards. Great quality paper and printing made them stand out like no others. Needless to say since we wanted 300 cards for our business birthday card needs we placed 3 different orders, using a different design and verse in each order of 100. We also had our company name printed in each card and chose to have the return address of our company printed on the envelopes. This made my life super easy!

The timing for the order process only took about 2 weeks from the time I received the mailing which introduced me to your company until I received the cards beautifully printed and completely ready to address, stamp and mail out. Thank you!

Why You Should Buy Birthday Cards In Bulk

It’s Thursday evening and you’ve just come home from work, tired and ready to relax. You finally sit down and then all of a sudden ‘SHOOT!’ and it hits you like a ton of bricks, you forgot all about your friend’s birthday party the next night. The last thing you want to do is run out to the store and pick out a card when you just spent all day at the office. Well, if you buy birthday cards in bulk, this will never happen to you again. Here are a few more reasons to make sure you stock up on those all-important cake day cards.

Festive Circles Birthday Card - Design 57NJR
Festive Circles Birthday Card – Design 57NJR


Save Money!

Let’s face it, none of us are made of money. Saving anywhere you can is always a plus, especially when it comes to buying in bulk. Buying one box of birthday cards can last you all throughout the year, for every friend and family member. And unlike a lot of those bulk items at the warehouse stores, you will actually use all of them!

Save Time

Bulk birthday card purchases also save you the hassle of having to remember each and every occasion. We’re all busy, we all forget someone’s birthday along the line, and it’s human. But now, the cards will already be there, ready to be signed, sealed and delivered. Do your wallet, and your blood pressure, a favor; stock up on some cards and never miss another birthday!

Impress Your Friends & Family

How many times have you been in the store deciding between five different cards to give to someone special on their birthday? The answer is probably way more than you or I would like to admit. When you buy cards in bulk, you’ll get a variety of the best cards available, able to suit whoever the card is for. They can be anywhere from funny to professional, fitting the needs of everyone in your life. Not only will you have just the right card, but you’ll never have that greeting-card-isle-drama again!

It’s Simply Easier

Birthdays are important and special occasions for all of the people in your life. Everyone looks forward to getting cards from friends and family that not only show they care, but have that personal touch as well. Having these cards ready will allow for the proper preparation and message to be sent on that special day, while relieving the stress of last-minute shopping, or even forgetting every once in a while.

Business Birthday Cards – A Tradition Worth Keeping

Recently I heard a coworker trying to make the point to our boss that giving out business birthday cards was a tradition worth keeping. The boss was lamenting the fact that there would be no raises for a 2nd straight year for most of us and that only some upper management would probably be getting bonuses, (I thought she was joking, but…). She even wondered about the cards we get for birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries and everything in between.

Design G1VAY - Cupcake Treat Birthday Card
Design G1VAY – Cupcake Treat Birthday Card


Of all the things to pick out to complain about my friend starts on about the card thing, about what a morale boost it is, about how fun it is to get that card in the mail. Always the dope I found out why when I complained about the no raises part. The boss thought it was sweet to lobby for the card tradition, while I got the stink eye for my input. I quickly reversed course and said how much I liked getting cards too. You gotta play the game.

I have to admit though that for a business to hand out cards does make difference. Unless you’re very cynical, you have to say that it’s at least a sign of goodwill. A lot of employers don’t bother to make the effort at any kind of appreciation.

I told my friend later that I get it, but I sure would like to talk about that raise too. He said we all might get more than business birthday cards if I worked harder. Very funny.

Birthday Cards Never Go Out of Style

There is one timeless tradition that both families, friends, and businesses all across the globe share that will never go out of style. That is the giving and receiving of Birthday cards. These cards bring smiles to the faces of family members, friends and coworkers alike, no matter if they are young or old.

Cupcake Treat Birthday Card
Cupcake Treat Birthday Card – Design G1VAY


Both adults and children alike all enjoy reading a thoughtful Happy Birthday card! And what a special treat it is to be able to use that same card for a monetary gift holder as well! Birthday cards are the type of gift that you never have to second guess. Whether it is funny or inspirational, classic or unique, you can never go wrong with sending a card!

The best part of giving these cards is even when you don’t know quite how to wish someone a Happy Birthday, the special sentiments already supplied inside the card do all the work for you!

Fun Ideas For an Office Birthday Party

I guess I’m from the old school because I can’t imagine going to a party of any kind without bringing something. It might be a little more difficult without all the comforts of home, but with a little thought and planning, anything is possible.


The first thing I’d bring would be birthday cards. That way after all the festivities were over the guest of honor would be able to find a quiet place and sit back to read all the well wishes from friends. Then I would get a head count since regardless of where a party is held, the last thing you’d want to do is run out of food or drinks. Then I would have to turn to the menu. I think I’d want to stick with something that could be enjoyed at room temp. You certainly don’t want to find yourself standing in front of the only or tiniest microwave you’ve ever seen trying to heat up lasagna one piece at a time because the only pan you had was made of metal. Depending on the time of year a nice salad in the warmer months is sure the please. If you are absolutely at a loss, do some checking ahead of time and find a local caterer.

Then there are drinks. That’s a tough one since you may not be able to serve anything even remotely spiked in some offices. And don’t forget dessert. Probably the easiest decision for any office party. Everybody loves dessert.

You should probably ask ahead of time about gifts. If it isn’t someone you know extremely well finding a gift that’s not too personal but still looks like you spent some time thinking about it is best. I’ve always tried to look around the person’s desk or cubicle ahead of time to determine their likes or dislikes. If I see a ton of family pictures, I usually go with that theme. Maybe a frame or some sort of keepsake item they can always have with them that they can personalize themselves with a picture. If I can’t get a feeling from what I see, I might ask a few questions of others who may know the guest of honor best.

I have to say, though, when all is said and done, knowing that others took the time to celebrate a special day in your life is amazing. To have that happen at work is even more special when you realize how crazy the average work day is. And when it’s all over, those birthday cards will decorate your space and be a constant reminder of everyone who was there celebrating with you.

Happy Birthday…and many happy returns.

What Should I Write In Employee Happy Birthday Cards?

As the owner of a small greeting card company with slightly less than one hundred employees, I like to acknowledge the birthday of each member of my staff by sending an employee happy birthday card.  As always, after my loyal assistant brings my attention to the date of each employee’s birthday as it comes up, I like to include a personal message from myself inside the card, in which I express my appreciation for their contribution to the success of my company.  My staff deals with our customers with compassion and genuine care.  As a result, profits increase annually, therefore allowing me to give a salary increase and/or bonus to each staff member.

birthday cards

The message I extend is one of gratitude and appreciation, such as “Thank you for your dedicated service,”  …..  “Thank you for your outstanding work” …..   “We strive to give our customers an exceptional product and superior customer service and you have helped deliver on these standards” ….  “I appreciate all the hard work you have done to help make this company what it is”.

This show of appreciation on my part, and, an employee Happy Birthday card to each member of my staff has brought much gratitude from all and, I’m happy to say, the comrade is felt and shared throughout my company.

Why You Should Be Sending Out Personalized Birthday Cards

With technology’s advances and the diversification of methods made easy by the ever-expanding and intricate internet, it’s easier than ever to find something relatable to nearly an niche and yet one thing remains constant—we still order gifts, have them shipped to the delight of the recipient who still has the honor of opening their cherished packages on their birthday while taking note of who was kind enough to have them in their remembrance at their special time of year.  Imagine the dismay that would be created if we sent them a picture of their gift instead?  It could have a cute little note at the bottom of the email or maybe on a social networking site with the caption underneath:  “Enjoy this image of your gift, I enjoyed sending you an example of what it would look like.”  I think if anything, this would be received as a joke at best and an insult at worst.

Personalized Birthday Cards

Seems ridiculous doesn’t it?  That’s how some people feel when they get an e-card as opposed to what they consider the real thing.  Sure, it’s easier to send it that way, faster and certainly less costly but what is the real value earmarked on that?  Not much by the real thing in comparison right? When it’s time to send out that birthday card this time around–keep it real and keep it right.   Send out something that can be remembered for a long time to come.

What To Write In Your Managers Birthday Cards

Sending or giving someone a birthday card requires some thought or at least I think it should. I like to pick birthday cards that reflect the relationship I have with the person. Some are more light-hearted, others more heart felt and some are more on the professional level.

Birthday Card

I generally don’t find it difficult to pick a card for my co-workers or boss but what to say inside can be more of a challenge particularly when trying to figure out what to write in a the birthday cards I sign and give to the managers at my company.

With those I have a close relationship with, I tend to write something a little warmer like

“Mark, Have a really awesome birthday!” or “Amanda, I hope you have a great birthday, you deserve it!” but that what do you write when you don’t really know someone all that well?

Certainly, a more generic closing is always a safe way to go if you don’t have much of a relationship with that person such as writing something like “Best Wishes to you on your Birthday!” or “Tim, I hope you celebrate your birthday doing all the things you most enjoy”. But let’s face it, safe can be a bit boring.

So what I like to do is personalize it a bit without getting too personal if you know what I mean. Writing a note in your manager’s card can demonstrate you pay attention at the workplace. Think back to something you heard your manager say that he or she enjoys doing. Does your boss like to fish? How about something like “Jerry, I hope you find some time to fit in a little fishing on your special day!” Or acknowledge your hard working boss (yes, your boss is a person too who appreciates being appreciated just like we all do) by writing something like “Danielle, I hope you find a little time to relax and enjoy your Birthday. Have a very Happy Birthday!” You have to be careful you don’t sound like you are just trying to suck up to the boss so I recommend keeping your birthday cards message to your manager positive and subtle.

Birthday Cards For Business And For Pleasure

Birthdays are a great time to show someone how much you care and appreciate them. And so, birthday cards are the perfect way to show you remembered their special day. There are many choices at The Gallery Collection for you to choose from. There are cards appropriate for the office, as well as cards more suitable for personal use. I once received a birthday card from the office I worked for, and it was such a pleasant surprise! I never thought my birthday would be so significant as to receive birthday cards. It sure did make me feel more appreciated for everything I did.

Birthday Cards

Birthdays are special since they only occur once a year. For business, you may opt for a birthday card with a “Happy Birthday” and presents on the cover. If you’d like to show some of the personalities in the office, you may like the card that features several characters on the cover. If you are looking for personal cards, my personal favorite would be cards that have the delicious birthday cakes on the cover. I also love the cards that have cupcakes sprinkled all over. Who knew birthday cards could be so much fun? Make sure to choose your favorite for the next special birthday in your life.

Cheap Birthday Cards Can Leave A Bad Impression

I am a true believer in, “you get what you pay for”. Especially with, birthday cards. I understand people are very busy these days, But buying a cheap birthday card??? To me it means I wasn’t thought of at all. I got a birthday card last year that was not even cut correctly. I was a little upset that a very close friend of mine was the one who sent it.

3-11-2014 9-48-15 AM

I know that choosing a birthday card shouldn’t be a hassle, but a little thought would be nice. I look through several cards before choosing the correct one for that person.  I even have an assortment box from The Gallery Collection for emergencies. They have very nice greetings in them. And I can add my own touch where needed. There are no excuses to buy cheap cards. There’s a reason why they are on sale. Most of them have boring greetings, or the writing is off center, or the whole card was cut wrong.

If you care about the person, you should care about the card you send. I’m not saying to buy the most expensive card out there, but put some thought in buying the card. You may even find that the sayings on the card match the person perfectly. Heck I’ve been known to actually change a few words on cards from time to time to make them say exactly what I need them to say. Let’s face it, most cards have most of what you want on them, but you may have to fix it a little. My family has done this for years. We look forward to seeing what changes have been made on our cards. So when looking for a birthday card for family or friends, please remember, would it be a card that you want???