Increase Customer Loyalty with Birthday Business Cards

Sending birthday cards to your customers is a great way to increase your business and loyalty with customers.  If you are a doctor or dentist with an office, a birthday card can serve as a reminder for your customers to come in for a checkup.  If you have a retail store, it can remind your customers to come in and check out some new sales.

A birthday card comes off as sincere, thoughtful, and kind.  It makes customers aware that you appreciate their business and look forward to seeing them again.  I can tell you from personal experience that birthday cards can definitely increase customer loyalty.  Every time my mother receives a birthday card from her dentist, she calls and books an appointment for a teeth cleaning.

Customers will positively view your business after they receive your card, maybe even more than some other companies who were not as thoughtful.  It is also a great way to bring customers back into your business who may have not visited in recent days.  Maybe there was a customer who was not satisfied with their last visit or purchase.  A birthday card may just change their opinion of your business!

4 thoughts on “Increase Customer Loyalty with Birthday Business Cards”

  1. The salon I go to sends out cards for birthdays (with a coupon included). Great way to draw up some business and make customers come back!

  2. I love receiving cards. When I receive one from my doctor or lawyer, it makes me feel even more special and makes me want to give them my repeat business.

  3. Those birthday cards from my mechanic serves as a great reminder for me to make an appointment to have a tune-up. I procrastinate on everything so please keep sending those cards!

  4. I agree that cards from businesses who have disappointed me in the past cause me to give them another chance. I tend to think maybe they’re not so bad and it was just this one time that they made a mistake and deserve another shot.

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