Why You Should Send Business Birthday Cards

Business birthday cards are sent to acknowledge a very special day in everyone’s life.  I can remember when I was working at a job years ago, the day came and went with no acknowledgment from anyone that it was my birthday.  Ironically, I was the one who always picked up the cake and arranged for everyone else’s birthday.   As I left the building, not only was I feeling sad, but I also felt unappreciated for the job I did.

No matter what position you hold in the company you work for, it is a major part of your life and you spend many hours with fellow workers.  Many people have no one at home to share their birthdays and holidays with and this may be the only acknowledgement they receive.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are being thought of and it creates that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. With the world of cell phones now, people feel it is ok to send birthday wishes on Facebook and other applications.  It then loses its personal touch.  A card takes that extra effort and makes someone’s birthday special.   It can become a keepsake forever.

5 thoughts on “Why You Should Send Business Birthday Cards”

  1. I feel the same way. It’s so nice when the bosses all sign a birthday card for me. And my co-workers and I keep a birthday list as well. It’s a little gesture but it means a lot.

  2. Cards require little effort, but they can mean a lot to the recipient. It is nice to have your day acknowledged!

  3. It’s true about feeling good when you get a birthday card from the people at work. After college I moved away for this great job so I’m a little bit lonesome without my sorority sisters. It’s wonderful that my group at work celebrated my birthday with lots of cards. We’re trying to stay off carbs, so no cake at work. Boo hoo.

  4. I’m not big on my birthday, but I’d still hate for it to go entirely unnoticed. A card is more than enough for me!

  5. I agree that some people have no one at home to share a birthday. Lots of us move away to take that first big job after college. I know I did, and it can be lonely even though you love your independence. The more people you connect with at work, the easier it gets to live away from your family. And birthday cards at work help a lot.

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