Why You Should Have a Holiday Card Assortment Box

The Holiday Card Assortment Box has all of your greeting card needs taken care of for this holiday season!  After all is said and done, I usually end up spending anywhere between $75-$100 on Holiday cards for friends, family, and co-workers.  Not anymore! Not only will the Holiday Card Assortment Box save you money, but its convenience is priceless.  Most likely you will have some cards left over for the next holiday season too!

It’s important to have holiday cards on hand because not everyone celebrates Christmas.  With the Holiday Card Assortment Box, you get 35 cards with 16 different holiday designs!  This makes the possibilities endless, but also lets you get creative. You can give cards to everyone in your family without giving anyone a duplicate. There are cards with specific greetings printed for Christmas, but many others are included that would be appropriate to give to folks who celebrate other holidays. Some of the cards also include beautiful winter scenes, which will be a perfect fit for any holiday during the season.

All cards in the assortment box are imprinted with a pre-selected greeting. You get 38 seal fast envelopes as well. It saves you a load of time when you don’t have to write a message on the card or moisten the envelopes. For convenience, price, and style, you can’t beat the Holiday Card Assortment Box!

Increase Customer Loyalty with Birthday Business Cards

Sending birthday cards to your customers is a great way to increase your business and loyalty with customers.  If you are a doctor or dentist with an office, a birthday card can serve as a reminder for your customers to come in for a checkup.  If you have a retail store, it can remind your customers to come in and check out some new sales.

A birthday card comes off as sincere, thoughtful, and kind.  It makes customers aware that you appreciate their business and look forward to seeing them again.  I can tell you from personal experience that birthday cards can definitely increase customer loyalty.  Every time my mother receives a birthday card from her dentist, she calls and books an appointment for a teeth cleaning.

Customers will positively view your business after they receive your card, maybe even more than some other companies who were not as thoughtful.  It is also a great way to bring customers back into your business who may have not visited in recent days.  Maybe there was a customer who was not satisfied with their last visit or purchase.  A birthday card may just change their opinion of your business!

Why You Should Have a Birthday Card Assortment Box

     Sometimes we can forget the birthday of a friend, loved one, or co-worker. When birthdays come up suddenly, it can be stressful trying to find the time to make a trip to the store, pick out the right card, or thinking of a message to write. The Gallery Collection solves all of these problems with one simple solution, The Birthday Card Assortment Box!  The wonderful thing about the Birthday Card Assortment Boxes is that there are 3 different options available on the website to provide you with the ultimate birthday assortment ready to go at any time!

Birthday Card Assortment Box 1 - Item 755PZ

     If you own a business with multiple employees, the Birthday Card Assortment Box is a perfect thing to have on hand when one their birthdays come up.  A birthday card can show an employee that you care and appreciate their hard work. The assortment box isn’t only nice to have on standby for your employees, but for your clients and customers as well! When you send a customer a birthday card, you are not only acknowledging a special day in their life.  You are also showing them that you appreciate their business!

     I have 3 birthdays in my family on the same day of the year.  Having an assortment box on hand saves me so much time, money, and stress.  The pre-selected greetings included on many of the designs are appropriate for anyone (co-workers, friends, or family).  Sign your name and you are ready to go!