Business Christmas Cards Make for a Joyful Office

I think the nicest decorations any office can have at Christmas is to display their Christmas cards received from friends, clients and customers.  What a beautiful way to spread some Christmas joy and it’s absolutely free and almost effortless.

Business Christmas cards come in all shapes and sizes, all colors and designs, almost built in decorations for the office setting.  It takes very little time or planning on anyone’s part to simply display and arrange Christmas cards around the office and immediately you can’t help but get in the Christmas spirit.

It’s so much fun to see the cards that come in at the holidays.  Some are photo cards and show the entire company standing in front of the building or company truck or van.  Some of the ones I’ve seen lately are themed for different professions and it’s really nice to see those since they’ve gotten a little more relaxed recently.  Some of the ones I saw at my dentist’s office were so funny they had everybody standing around laughing when one person pointed out a particularly silly card from another dentist in the same building.  I got the impression, some folks wait until the holidays to let their guard down a bit and send a card that may be a little out of character, just for fun – knowing that everyone will enjoy and have a good chuckle.

The holidays are a fun time in general and being able to share good wishes only adds to that.  Having people come together for any reason at the holidays especially is heartwarming.  So, if the first step is appreciating business Christmas cards and that starts a dialogue about the beauty of the season, then all the better.

Birthday Cards Are Just as Important as Birthday Gifts

Have you ever searched high and low for just the right gift for someone but couldn’t find it?  I think it’s hardest when you have an idea in your mind but can not figure out where to get it.  That’s why a birthday card is always the perfect solution.

You can find a card that is simple and elegant or even just a card that’s blank on the inside and you can write a note that’s personal and from your heart.  After all, isn’t that the message you want to convey on a birthday anyway?  Sometimes you think the perfect gift will say it all, but nothing replaces a note or sentiment that expresses your best wishes to the birthday guy or gal.

I know that I have a shoebox I’ve kept for years with birthday cards in it and every now and then I run across the box and open it and start to read some of them from years ago.  I’m almost certain I can’t say that I can find some of the gifts I received years ago!  Reading a birthday card is such a special way of almost hearing the person who sent it to you wishing you a “Happy Birthday” as if they were standing right in front of you.  If you try hard enough, you can picture them looking for just the right card that reminds them of you.

I have to say that I think birthday cards are just as important as the birthday gifts because no two will be exactly the same.  Oh, you may find the same card and even the same greeting, but the message the sender adds, makes that birthday card one of a kind – just like the person who is receiving it.

Corporate Anniversary Party Ideas

What an amazing accomplishment these days to have a corporate Anniversary party to mark a milestone in a company’s history.

I’ve seen some smaller businesses around town recently put up a banner in the window announcing their one year anniversary and having a sort of “open house” for folks to drop in to offer congratulations and maybe even leave with a small trinket marking the occasion. On a larger scale a burger place in my neighborhood recently celebrated 50 years in business and rolled back their prices for the day to what they were 50 years ago. The place was mobbed. For anyone who perhaps didn’t frequent that establishment before, it was a chance to sample the food, but I think it was more a sense of community and pride. Even a way to say “thanks” to the people who made that burger place the success it was for 50 years. They even had anniversary cards that they gave to all the employees as thanks for their hard work.


My favorite corporate anniversary party idea is to put up pictures that tell the story of a company’s past. It’s always fun to see the products that started it all or pictures of the founding fathers (and mothers). What a special treat it would be to have some of those folks on hand. Maybe, as in the case of the company where I work, the business is in the hands of the son of the founder. In that case, you can sense and even feel the pride of being a part of that company’s history, and future.

Most time, corporate anniversary parties fill in the blanks for folks too. Maybe there is something you never knew about a company. An anniversary celebration is the perfect way to share that with everyone. After all, the success a company realizes should be shared with those responsible for it. Employees and customers alike can all celebrate the success. For employees it’s a chance to know more about the place and people that are your second family. For customers it’s a way to know that you are appreciated for your loyalty.

It’s a chance to celebrate the past and look to the promise of the future.

Fun Ideas For an Office Birthday Party

I guess I’m from the old school because I can’t imagine going to a party of any kind without bringing something. It might be a little more difficult without all the comforts of home, but with a little thought and planning, anything is possible.


The first thing I’d bring would be birthday cards. That way after all the festivities were over the guest of honor would be able to find a quiet place and sit back to read all the well wishes from friends. Then I would get a head count since regardless of where a party is held, the last thing you’d want to do is run out of food or drinks. Then I would have to turn to the menu. I think I’d want to stick with something that could be enjoyed at room temp. You certainly don’t want to find yourself standing in front of the only or tiniest microwave you’ve ever seen trying to heat up lasagna one piece at a time because the only pan you had was made of metal. Depending on the time of year a nice salad in the warmer months is sure the please. If you are absolutely at a loss, do some checking ahead of time and find a local caterer.

Then there are drinks. That’s a tough one since you may not be able to serve anything even remotely spiked in some offices. And don’t forget dessert. Probably the easiest decision for any office party. Everybody loves dessert.

You should probably ask ahead of time about gifts. If it isn’t someone you know extremely well finding a gift that’s not too personal but still looks like you spent some time thinking about it is best. I’ve always tried to look around the person’s desk or cubicle ahead of time to determine their likes or dislikes. If I see a ton of family pictures, I usually go with that theme. Maybe a frame or some sort of keepsake item they can always have with them that they can personalize themselves with a picture. If I can’t get a feeling from what I see, I might ask a few questions of others who may know the guest of honor best.

I have to say, though, when all is said and done, knowing that others took the time to celebrate a special day in your life is amazing. To have that happen at work is even more special when you realize how crazy the average work day is. And when it’s all over, those birthday cards will decorate your space and be a constant reminder of everyone who was there celebrating with you.

Happy Birthday…and many happy returns.