Anniversary Cards – More Years Should Lead to More Cheers

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The month of December tends to be a busy time for me when it comes to celebrating our employees’ annual anniversaries with the company. 55 employees celebrated anniversaries with the company this December, with a total number of years in service adding up to 533 years! This total averages out to about 10 years per employee!

One of my responsibilities is to make sure that all of the corporate anniversary cards are signed by our President and by our Chairman of the Board. We celebrate every annual anniversary for each employee with anniversary cards, whether it be for one year or for 20 years. And while the greeting cards that we give to our staff fit under the category of business anniversary cards, each card receives this personal touch.

As a human resources professional, it made me wonder if more companies send their employees company anniversary cards to commemorate the day that they said “yes” to their companies. Giving business anniversary cards is an inexpensive way to extend appreciation to your staff, reaching out to them on a day when they may not expect to be recognized.

And as for this blogger…it will be seven years on June 25th.

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