Christmas Cards Design Process

The holiday cards that we offer at the Gallery Collection are more than just cards…they are works of art. Each piece of art goes through a creative process from design to actual custom Christmas cards. These cards are some of the finest, high quality cards available. Below highlights the creative process for the very popular […]


We have arrived at the third and final part of our “Making a Winning Doodle into a Dazzling Christmas Card Design” series. So far in Parts 1 and 2, we’ve gone through the process of scanning the image, cleaning the image up, changing the artwork to fill space, and separating the image to determine colors […]


In Part 1 of our “Making a Winning Doodle into a Dazzling Christmas Card Design” series we discussed the scanning process of the original artwork from the scholarship contest. Now we delve further into the process of creating a card. The original artwork is given a Hi-Res scanning into our system, where a graphics program […]

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The process of creating our beautiful, personalized Christmas cards starts with an idea, and ends with a card that is also a work of art. But this doesn’t happen overnight. There are many steps between the start of the design process and the lovely finished product. Take design #864CX, Red Berry Greetings Holiday Card, for […]