Company Anniversary Cards Have Lasting Effects

Whether people have just started on their career paths and are working at their first jobs or if someone has actually been in the workforce for almost forty years (like me), it’s always great to be able to say that one works for a great company and for great people. Happily, I can admit to that!

One of the small but meaningful ways my company shows its appreciation is by presenting me with a beautiful, embossed anniversary card on my anniversary date of employment. Company anniversary cards may not seem like anything special; however, this anniversary card has not only been given each and every year I have been employed at The Gallery Collection (nine years now), but the greeting card is personally signed by each and every one of the top executives of the company. In addition, several of those executives even come around during the day offering their congratulations in person.

All of the recognition I get with company anniversary cards makes me feel so wonderful that I have taken it upon myself to send an anniversary card when one of my friends or family members is celebrating an occasion. Not only have I made the recipients happy, but I feel great too having brightened someone else’s day. “You can never do wrong doing the right thing” is an adage I have embraced.

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