Tips for Prioritizing at Work

At times things at work can become overwhelming. When I feel overwhelmed, the first thing I do is write everything I have to do down. Then I write next to it when the assignment is due. I then prioritize that list by due date. This is usually my starting point. I then have to look at the list of things to do and assess how long it will take me to do each project. The project that will take the most about of time usually gets the top priority. I then set an allotted amount of time for each project per day if possible. Why not spend my whole day on my most time consuming project? At times I feel that I will never finish and that I accomplished nothing after a grueling day. So I try to break up my day and do other projects that may only take an hour or less. That way that overwhelming long list of things to do gets smaller and smaller as the hours go by instead only one project getting removed from the list.


Step by Step Recap of Tips for Prioritizing at Work

1. Write to do list.
2. Assign due dates for each item on the list.
3. Prioritize the to do list by due date.
4. Assess how long each project will take.
5. Set allotted time for each project per day.
6. When there is a project that take 8hrs break up the day by doing other items on the to do list that take less than an hour.
7. Feel accomplished!