Thank You Cards for a Job Well Done

It has been said that the best way to let an employee know they are doing a great job is by verbally saying such. I have found that words can easily be forgotten just as quickly as they come from your mouth. What better way can you create a memorable “JOB WELL DONE” than in the form of a THANK YOU CARD?

Peacock Thank You Card

In the workplace today, there are hundreds of thousands of employees all competing for the “star” title. It can be difficult to thank every employee verbally as well as individually. Using a THANK YOU CARD will not only say thanks; it can be a way to boost employee moral as well! Words can be forgotten, but that feeling of pride an employee feels from the acknowledgment of a job well done and physical THANK YOU CARD is priceless. It’s a memory that will be long lasting. And that, my friend, is how you create hardworking, loyal employees!

Being noticed for a job well done boosts pride in employees and this in turn creates a reason for repeat behavior. Wouldn’t it be grand to have a company full of employees all doing a great job, just because they know the hard work will indeed be noticed and acknowledged?

Consider it a “Circle of WORK life”! Employees giving great service > excited, repeat customers > increased revenue >thank you card (REPEAT)

Have you sent a THANK YOU CARD today?