Why You Should Have an All-Occasion Card Assortment Box

You can never go wrong having an assortment of greeting cards on hand.  The Gallery Collection assortment box is ideal for individuals that prefer to be organized and on time in their card giving.

4-20-2015 1-03-22 PM

If you are an advent card giver like myself, you should never be without a collection of cards.  This will save you time, money and the agony of looking at all your card options.  It’s not just me, but I like to give cards that are personalized.  I like them to be a good quality paper and print instead of those crappy 99 cents cards.  That is a pet peeve of mine.  Ask my Aunt Queenie, she will never do that again!

I like the all occasion card assortment box because they have a little bit of everything in them just like a box of chocolate; but in this case you know exactly what you are getting. This will ensure that you will never miss an opportunity to share a special occasion, a life milestone, a thinking of you, etc., kind of moment.

So remember to give a card to that neighbor that gave you those sweet, tasty tomatoes out of their garden with a “Thank You” card.  I guarantee you will get a pumpkin pie the next time!