Design #480AE – Birthday Confetti & Balloons

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Design #480AE, Birthday Confetti & Balloons Card, is festive and great for all. The design truly encompasses what a birthday celebration should be. When you think of birthday celebrations, confetti and balloons almost immediately come to mind.

This business birthday cards design is featured on white glossy card stock, and there are a total of three balloons accompanied by decorative confetti. The embossing on the balloons and confetti demonstrate the excitement of this design; they really pop out at you! The confetti is cut in short and long pieces to give the effect that it is being tossed as the balloons rise up. The varieties of colors are eye catching – magenta, purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow. On the bottom right the sentiment reads, “Happy Birthday” in a turquoise blue that pulls the eye right in. With such a broad spectrum of colors, your card choice is bound to please every recipient. It’s upbeat, simple, and to the point.

Design #480AE - Birthday Confetti & Balloons Card

Design #480AE - Birthday Confetti & Balloons Card

The design is not too outrageous so it can be given to any employee…whether the employee is a close personal friend or even the company president. A box of this business birthday cards design would be perfect to have on hand for those last minute occasions that you accidentally forgot.

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