Business Birthday Cards Are A Big Deal

Birthdays are no big deal around my office. It’s as if we were all hatched from a batch of eggs, like birds and turtles, with no personal birth dates. What’s so difficult about people signing friendly little “from the gang at work” birthday cards? Or how about business birthday cards from the big boss himself?

Does it bother me? Believe me, I’m not looking to advertise my age every year. I’m not looking for a party because my waistline doesn’t need another slice of cake. I’m too old for a bunch of balloons tied to my chair, and I don’t certainly don’t need flowers or more candy. It’s just that I’d like to feel a little special at work for just that one day a year.

Back in college I had a part-time job. The printing machines in the next room were so noisy, everyone in the office had to shout to be heard. “HI, GINNY!” “GOOD MORNING, PETE!” “NICE WEATHER OUT THERE.” There wasn’t much socializing in that place or you’d have a sore throat by the end of the day. Things were better at my first “real” job. No big celebrations for a birthday, no presents, just a few friends sharing cake at the lunch table. This was an old established firm and we weren’t allowed to have any personal items, especially birthday cards, cluttering up our desks.

On my next birthday I’ll really shake things up here. I’ll mail myself half a dozen birthday cards and tack them up on my bulletin board. Maybe I’ll get pizza for everyone. What do you think? Maybe the boss will take the hint and start sending all of us some business birthday cards. Being happy at work is certainly a great motivator to do a great job!

8 thoughts on “Business Birthday Cards Are A Big Deal”

  1. Wow, you really work at a ‘dud’ of a place, or at least you have a lousy impersonable boss. That’s a shame, but i say GO FOR IT, your idea sounds awesome, and maybe, just maybe, the boss can get a clue and help boost moral!

  2. Your hatched from a batch of eggs line cracked me up-no pun intended. It is nice to get recognized at work on your birthday but I don’t want anymore than a card because once you start with the food, gifts and parties it gets out of hand-especially money wise.

  3. Do whatever you are able to do to make it work as long as it doesn’t upset the boss.

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