A Business Birthday Cards Dilemma

As an employee at The Gallery Collection, I am an avid contributor to our greeting cards blog. I would like to write something about our beautiful business birthday cards selection but cannot decide whether to write about our birthday cards for employees, our personal birthday cards, or our birthday cards that feature balloons and presents.

Should I mention the fact that sending business birthday cards is a great idea because remembering a business associate at birthday time can help solidify a relationship, and in the long run, help a company’s business? Or perhaps I could mention how morale can be maintained by a company’s higher-ups extending a yearly birthday wish to each and every employee (which our bosses do here, by the way).

The Gallery Collection’s personal birthday cards are also perfect for sending out to relatives and friends to convey that special thought during their special time of year. Or maybe I should just describe the wonderful detailing on the fronts of the cards that colorfully illustrate presents, balloons, hats, streamers, cakes, and other festive birthday symbols. Or the many different (and free) greetings from which customers may choose to have printed for the inside of their birthday cards. Or the pretty colors available for imprinting – shades that wonderfully accent the bright colors used for the front designs on the cards.

Now you see my business birthday cards dilemma?

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