Business Birthday Cards Filled with Banners and Cheers

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Can’t decide on which birthday card design to send out to your business associates and co-workers? Why not try sending something with a bit of humor in choosing your next business birthday cards. Design #469AR, The Big Cheer Birthday Card, is certainly a whimsical choice sending birthday cheers from your group. Donned in birthday hats, wearing smiles and waving to your recipients, the characters are grouped around a festive yellow gift box, which will certainly bring Birthday joy to the receiver.

This design is printed on white glossy paper that has the sentiment “Happy Birthday from all of us” embossed in a blue foil. Personalization from your group can be imprinted in gold foil on the inside of the card, or choose from one of our four ink colors: red, blue, black, or green. No matter whose birthday it is, this is a perfect choice from your gang.

Design #469AR - The Big Cheer Birthday Card

Design #469AR - The Big Cheer Birthday Card

Are you looking for something a little different than the same birthday balloon card? Well the following card may be the one to consider. Design #567AR, Birthday Banner Greeting Card, is sure to brighten up everyone’s birthday when they receive it.

The birthday banner and confetti are bursting in rainbow colors. Reflective to light, the foil colors come alive. The variegated foil will appear slightly different on each card for this design. The embossing on the front of the card is done in a wider foil font in an array of colors that will, without a doubt, put a smile on the faces of your co-workers or business associates when they receive it. Don’t forget to personalize your group’s imprint in gold foil or choose from one of our four ink colors.

Design #567AR - Birthday Banner Greeting Card

Design #567AR - Birthday Banner Greeting Card

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