Business Birthday Cards Make A Great Dentist Even Better

From early childhood right into adulthood, I used to dread dental office appointments. Having moved around a lot in my adult years, there was a fairly sizable list of dentists whose practice of their art in my mouth caused me trepidation.

Now, I make my next 6-month appointment at the end of each office visit, and actually look forward to it. Why? Business birthday cards!

Birthday Cards from the Dentist

The cards aren’t the only reason, but they are the icing on the cake. Also, parking is easy. The waiting room is attractive and comfortable. Everyone who works there is cheerful, pleasant, and warmly welcoming. My dentist is gentle, sure-handed and an entertaining chatterer. They make me feel like an old friend, or even part of their family, by sharing tales and photos of their families and asking about mine with genuine interest. I always depart with good and positive feelings of my time there.

Every time I leave this dentist’s office, I’m also carrying a “goody bag” of dental products and other useful items (he passes out the greatest pens!) with his name and phone number on them. I guess you could say that I think of him and his staff every day because I’m using the promotional items from that gift bag.

I suppose a number of dentists give out little take-away “favors” but I don’t remember any former dentist of mine who also remembers my birthday every year! What a nice surprise it was when I first received birthday cards. His appointment reminders come on a postcard so it was a bit of a mystery to get an envelope that was obviously not a bill.

Here they are, remembering me on my own specific, special day, not for advertising or appointment reminders or bill sending, but just to wish me a happy birthday! Warm, charming, and first class quality: in the practice of their business and in the way they live. This is my dentist for life!

5 thoughts on “Business Birthday Cards Make A Great Dentist Even Better”

  1. I, too, always hated going to the dentist as a younger person. But the dentist I see now makes every effort to make sure there is very little or no discomfort at all no matter what the procedure. On the other hand, perhaps the fact that when I was a kid and eating candy all the time I had so many fillings that there are hardly any teeth left to get any cavities anymore!

  2. Finally some one who shares my dental enthusiasm! My friends think I’m a freak but I enjoy going for my regular check ups at my dentist. I leave feeling so refreshed and love that I get free floss, toothbrush and other goodies. My dentist is also very involved with our community so both of my kids pictures grace his wall in the baseball uniforms that he sponsored.

  3. I’m a dental assistant and was assigned the task of purchasing Christmas cards for our patients. Our office is very similar to the one that you describe, but we have never sent out birthday cards. I plan on passing this suggestion along to my office so that our patients can feel just as welcomed as you have. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I hate going to the dentist. Nothing good ever comes from it. My dentist does send me a birthday card and while I really do appreciate it, I don’t enjoy going there any more because of it.

  5. I get birthday cards from my dentist, the gym where I work out, the casino I spend too much time at and the company I work for. It’s nice to feel appreciated and of course it’s free advertisement for them.

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