Business Birthday Cards Can Be As Important As Morning Coffee

I worked for the same company for 15 years and never heard of business birthday cards. Over the years I’d received a lot of notices like: there would be no more profit sharing, 401k matching was over, you will now pay for your own healthcare, and there would be no raises this year. That one I’ve actually gotten 3 years in a row. A cheery card of any kind would have been so out of character.

Friends would always tell me to move on, get a new job. They’d give me leads and contacts but I always had some kind of excuse. My father worked for the same company from high school to retirement, and I guess I always thought that was a great accomplishment. And it is, if it’s a company that treats you with respect.

One day they stopped providing free coffee in the office. No notice, there just wasn’t any more. After a couple days someone asked about it. It was a cost cutting measure, sorry. Not so much as a heads up for the people who expect to get a cup in the morning when they come in. Like me, for instance.

Well, that was it. Now they’re messing with my coffee. I told a friend I was serious about getting out, and within a month I had a new job.

You know, it’s tough all over, and a lot of businesses are feeling the pinch. And big companies can be a little cold anyway. Where I work now is better all around. They even send out birthday cards. On your desk, right on your birthday, personally signed by the Company president. I get cards for Christmas and Thanksgiving, too. Last week I got a congratulations card for the new house we bought. Call me old fashioned, but it really makes me feel appreciated. It looks like I’ll be staying put for a while.

5 thoughts on “Business Birthday Cards Can Be As Important As Morning Coffee”

  1. I guess the little things do add up. I didn;t realize how bad things were out there. I guess I should be grateful that we still get free coffee and occasionally have company paid-for lunches. And I do appreciate the birthday card I get every year. It could be worse.

  2. I think everyone understands that companies need to do certain things in order to cut costs. It is in the best interest for the company as a whole. Companies that can counter those cost cutting measures with small things like birthday cards will have much happier employees. The companies that just cut costs without regard to the employees will see some high turnover.

  3. I don’t know, call me crazy, but these days I consider myself lucky to have a job. I definitely understand the need to feel appreciated, but to me, that morning cup of coffee is the least of my worries. I would have been more concerned about my health insurance being cut; that’s something that really matters.

  4. I certainly agree that things are tough all over. Some words just don’t exist in the workplace anymore like “raise”, “bonus” or “overtime”. I consider myself lucky that the place I work at still has health insurance. Every year when my company gives the annual performance review the best I can hope for is to hear the words “you’re still not fired”. So far so good.

  5. ” Little things Mean a Lot”. So true. A friend of mine is employed by a greeting card company and is annually reminded of the company’s appreciation for her services, by receiving a birthday card signed by the Chairman of the Board, and the Executive Committee. She has told me this gesture has often made/saved the day for her. A good thing indeed.

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