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How To Increase Sales With Birthday Cards

I am the owner of a small flower shop and I am always looking for new ways to increase my sales. Of course advertising plays a big role in letting potential customers know that we can make any celebration a spectacular event in the presence of beautiful flower arrangements. Many of my new clients have told us that they were recommended to my shop by satisfied customers spreading their satisfaction by word of mouth. Although my company is doing well, there is always room to increase business, and I decided to put an item on our agenda for the next monthly staff meeting as follows: “Suggestions on How to Increase Sales.”

Increase Sales

During our monthly staff meeting, when we came to Item 2, “Suggestions on How to Increase Sales”, one of my employees suggested we send Birthday cards to our clients. This was agreeable to all and our next step was to find a company with special Birthday cards. After browsing through the internet we all agreed that The Gallery Collection offered an elegant selection of business Birthday cards.

The above suggestion proved to be beneficial in that we did receive a significant increase in sales from our “Birthday” customers, as well as personal thanks when they called in for orders or when they stopped in the flower shop. It was comforting to know how such a small, but special thought, could be so meaningful, and rewarding. In more ways than one.


5 thoughts on “How To Increase Sales With Birthday Cards”

  1. The salon I go to sends a birthday card and a coupon to use the week of your birthday. Little things like that can make a customer feel appreciated, as well as advertising and bringing in more business.

  2. Knowing your client’s birthday and sending a card is great but I like sending Thank You cards instead. Gallery Collection has those also and the corporate cards have “Thank you for your business” on the front of the card!

  3. I agree with Marisa, I love receiving my special birthday coupon. Its an added extra treat.

  4. Any kind of contact with a customer can be beneficial. Sending a card and maybe a coupon on a customer’s birthday, anniversary, etc. would definitely be appreciated.

  5. It is always nice to know that someone has remembered your special day! Wonderful idea!

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