Say Happy Birthday with Business Birthday Cards

Today is my birthday and I have to go to work. My coworkers barely acknowledge my presence as I walk through the office. The mumblings of “good morning” are hardly audible as they sit at their desks and sip their morning cups of java. The atmosphere is bleak at best as everyone is trying to focus on the necessities of the day. I need to remind myself that today is my birthday…it is my special day.

As I get to my desk, I happen to see an envelope with my name on it proudly displayed on my keyboard. I open the envelope and there within lies a beautiful employee birthday card highlighted with shiny foils and rich colors printed on a thick card stock and signed by my supervisors. They did remember after all!

This scene may or may not be a memory for you. But while sending birthday cards to friends and family is a highly regarded tradition in today’s world, the use of birthday cards in the business environment is still a rather unique idea. Sending personal birthday cards is the biggest occasion for card sending, representing 60% of the total everyday greeting card market. Many people look forward to receiving cards because it allows them to stay in touch and makes them feel as if they are important. Well, why not consider the use of birthday cards in the business setting?

The use of business birthday cards can help to encourage a positive work environment by promoting goodwill and adding a personal touch to these relationships. Birthday cards sent to business associates can help strengthen and build business affiliations by providing an opportunity to say “thank you” for their valued business. Business birthday cards offer a means of having your name in front of your clients throughout the year and not just during the holiday season.

Whether they are used as a tool for offering a special promotion to clients and customers, a way of telling employees that they are important, or as a reminder to former business associates that you still exist, business birthday cards offer an opportunity for you and your company to stand out.

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