Why You Should Buy Christmas Cards in Bulk

Most companies and individuals have been sending Christmas cards out to customers, friends and family for years.  Christmas cards allow you to share your appreciation to others but can add to the strain of the holiday season in many ways.  So why not consider buying your cards this year in bulk?  Buying Christmas cards in bulk has its advantages.

The greatest benefit of buying your Christmas cards in bulk is the price.  Purchasing individual cards at your local retail store can be costly. For people and businesses on a budget, this can be an expense they are not capable of spending. You will be amazed at the price difference.  Some cards in greeting establishment can cost $4.00 and up whereas you can purchase in bulk for as little as $0.76 a card. The quality of these cards can be the same quality or better but for less than half the price. That figure doesn’t even factor in the savings of gas to get to the store.  A person can purchase these cards online or over the phone and never leave their house. No matter who you are price does matter.

Another benefit of buying your Christmas cards in bulk is the stress relief. There are so many things going on during the holiday season in work and outside that time is always an issue.  A person can order these cards early in the year before the nuttiness of the season begins. Bulk Christmas cards can also be personalized with an imprint you choose. This will save you the time of personally signing each card. Buying Christmas cards in bulk is a convenient, easy way to celebrate the season with the ones that matter without breaking your budget or adding unnecessary tension.

8 thoughts on “Why You Should Buy Christmas Cards in Bulk”

  1. I agree that greeting cards like everything else should be purchased in bulk. Christmas can be an expensive time of year. It only makes sense to pay around $1 for a quality embossed card as opposed to shopping at discount stores. The quality is not the same. Many will toss those cheap cards but a card with foil imprinting will be proudly hung above the mantle for the entire holiday season.

  2. I like the cost savings of bulk but I do like to get individual cards too. Its a very difficult decision.

  3. I think buying Christmas cards in bulk is very smart. And who would not want a card with personalization of foil imprinting. Or the silver refractive face front of a card, it is just wonderful. I personally love the die cut cards for personal or business. So many choices and to have more is better than having too little and scrambling, it is nice to have them set up with return addresses and to be able to have them addressed too.

  4. I only buy individual cards for close family, everyone else gets from my bulk pile! I have too many people to send cards to for them to all get individual cards. Buying bulk is definitely a time and money saver!

  5. I remember I used to buy individual cards for loved ones and close friends for Christmas. The detail I remember the most was the price (not that I’m cheap). There are downsides to each options. Individual cards, let you hand pick cards that mesh with the recipient you are giving it to but also weighs a heavier purchase cost. Bulk cards, lets you save money and time but lacks that sense of individuality. However, I came to a conclusion this year to by the majority of my Holiday cards in bulk and buy a few hand picked cards for those special people in my life.

  6. An Assortment box is an excellent choice when you need individual cards for family members. I have 7 nephews that I see every Christmas, and struggle every year to find different cards for them. This year I have a Holiday assortment box, so I can use cards from it and they will be different for each nephew!

  7. Buying Christmas cards in bulk is definitely the best way to go. I used to buy cards at local stores and the prices were way too high. Now that I buy in bulk it upsets me how much money I used to waste on cards that wasn’t even the quality of The Gallery Collection cards

  8. Who doesn’t want to save money on greeting cards in this day and age? And if I can get something of quality as well it’s as if I’ve died and gone to heaven. I give Gallery Collection cards to both family and friends and I always get a text saying, “Thanks for the beautiful card!” I never tell them that it only cost me a dollar. 🙂

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