Cup of coffee or a business Christmas Card?

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Would you buy a good customer a cup of coffee?
>Of course you would!

Should you thank your customers for their business?
>Of course you should!

Sending customers business Christmas cards thanking them for their business is just common sense and costs less than a cup of coffee! Smart businesses send cards to their customers. Even smarter businesses send cards to their customers and their prospective customers.

Aren’t YOUR customers your competitors’ prospective customers?

If you aren’t sending your customers business Christmas cards, no worries…your competitors will wish them well for you. Don’t find yourself saying “shoulda. coulda. woulda.”

“Normal” Cup of Coffee – $1.25
Starbuck’s Cafe Grande – $3.75
Look on your competitor’s face when THEIR customers mention how nice you are for sending a business Christmas cardpriceless

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Linda Bacelli October 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm

This is genius, I had not thought of it in this manner. I would most certainly buy my customers a cup of coffee, but I had not thought of something as personal as a Christmas greeting. I will be sure to order my cards early.

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