Holiday Party Invitations Make Your Company Shine

In these days of uncertainty, when the economy is so unpredictable, it is a definite perk to clients and staff to host a holiday party.  More and more companies are downsizing their holiday celebrations, so receiving a shiny holiday invitation would be a pleasant surprise. That shiny invite would stand out from other cards they may be receiving and take priority in preparing their holiday schedule.  It is a message to your clients that you are remembering them at this special time of year, not just for their business, but for their continued trust and loyalty.

Your staff, on the other hand, will feel appreciated and have an opportunity to spend relaxed time with their fellow workers, time they do not have within their working environment. The happy excited chatter will begin when the first person opens that shiny card. As an extra bonus, both clients and employees will have a chance to meet and put a face to the voice they may speak with day after day.  I have had some of my best holidays when they were kicked off with a company holiday party.  The season seemed to take off on the right start and it began feeling festive with the sparkling lights and carols being heard in the background, where before that, the spirit of the season had not yet been felt.

To think that all that joy and good cheer began with that Shiny Company Party Invitation.

13 thoughts on “Holiday Party Invitations Make Your Company Shine”

  1. I am not really into holiday parties. Never been my thing. I do think that an invitation from the office is a nice gesture. It allows you to get to know your co-workers on a one on one basis as well as the boss. It allows you the opportunity to let loose and be a totally different person and have some fun.

  2. even if it is small, it is still nice to have some sort of celebration. good to boost the morale!

  3. I have mixed emotions about holiday office parties. I have been to a few that are way more stressful than enjoyable.
    I think a ‘relaxed’ office holiday party should be short (2 hours max) because people are so busy during the holiday season, with the cooking, shopping, attending childrens’ school recitals…
    Maybe an ‘After the holidays Holiday party’ would be a good idea. A January get together for the ‘office family’ to share some of their stories would be interesting, as well as a good way to start off the new year! That would be a cool invitation to get.

  4. I love the holidays, and by that I mean the holiday parties, because what is a holiday without it’s respective celebration. Its the parties and gatherings where we feel the good cheer and all that jazz. So a company holiday party invitation is definitely a practice any company should implement. A company gathering outside of work allows staff to bond, optimizing workflow in the long run. I personally would love a holiday invitation from my workplace any day!

  5. I love holiday parties! Invitation cards are definitely a must; it adds a sophistication and “party/celebration” aspect that is lacking from the everyday office memo.

  6. My company is having a holiday party this year for the first time. I’m in charge of purchasing the invitations. They are really going all out!

  7. My office stopped the holiday party. Definitely miss it. Nice time to be able to mingle with people from other departments and celebrate the year.

  8. I once worked for a company that would thrown an annual holiday party. It was a fantastic idea, however, if you were under the legal age of drinking you weren’t invited or allowed to attend. Fair enough, however, the parties were a great way for employees to wind down and have a nice night out. Somehow though, I was usually the lucky one that had work the next morning ha-ha. Unfortunately, for about two years now, the parties have disappeared. I guess your right, companies are downsizing and its a shame.

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