Be the Early Bird with Business Thanksgiving Cards

Ah… the energy of autumn! Children rushing back to school, leaf raking (and that annoyingly loud leaf blowing), crisp air, football mania, the hyper festivities of Halloween, the bustling crowds of Christmas shoppers. Amidst all this hurly-burly activity, Thanksgiving is that all-American pause that calms and restores us during this hectic season. (If you are the lone chef/host of your family, just go along with me here anyway, okay?)

Whether your year was banner or bust, Thanksgiving is our honored traditional time of acknowledging gratitude for the harvest from our labor. It’s also time to gather the seeds we’ll need for planting next year’s harvest. That’s where business Thanksgiving cards come into play. Arriving before Thanksgiving Day, they precede even the earliest of corporate Christmas cards, guaranteeing the uncluttered attention that sets you and your business apart and above the crowd.

Consider design #611CX, Fall Reflections Thanksgiving Card, which shows three very relaxed ducks (no fear of hunters here!) floating along on a glassy-smooth body of water. The colorful autumn trees overhanging the water shed their leaves around the handsome trio of birds. This peaceful reflection of nature has a masculine appeal. It is framed with simple embossing and sedate gold foil lines. “Happy Thanksgiving” in gold foil is gracefully centered below the frame.

Design #611CX - Fall Reflections Thanksgiving Card
Design #611CX - Fall Reflections
Thanksgiving Card

On the other hand, design #064CX, Autumn Tapestry Card, seems to make a bolder statement with its tasteful blend of autumn-colored, multi-variety leaves. It is richly pleasing to one’s tactile senses, with its deep embossing and considerable detailing. Coppery-colored foil states your wishes for a “Happy Thanksgiving” from an artful off-center position.

Design #064CX - Autumn Tapestry Card
Design #064CX - Autumn Tapestry Card

I have one more piece of advice for choosing your business Thanksgiving cards. While you want to be the “early bird” and while it may be all “yummy-good” for your personal Thanksgiving cards to picture a steaming turkey, I don’t think it would be a good idea for your business Thanksgiving cards to represent you as a turkey – steaming, stuffed, strutting, or hanging in a butcher shop window!

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