Business Thanksgiving Cards with Glittering Maple Leaves

The Gallery Collection has introduced a new business Thanksgiving cards design that’s sure to impress friends, relatives, and business clients you wish to extend Thanksgiving wishes to this season. Design #132CW, Glittering Maple Leaves Thanksgiving Card, shows off the Thanksgiving fall colors in true autumn splendor. The design has a thick framed border in smooth chocolate brown that looks as though chocolate syrup was poured around the outer border of the card design…and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love chocolate of any kind

Design #132CW - Glittering Maple Leaves Thanksgiving Card
Design #132CW - Glittering Maple Leaves
Thanksgiving Card

In the center of this rich chocolate brown frame is a raised picturesque array of sun kissed orange maple leaves with hints of red, brown and green. The large orange-hued leaves that appear in the forefront sparkle with tiny beads of glitter reflecting off the sun and resembling morning dew drops brushed onto the leaves. The glitter is actually printed directly into the card design so there aren’t any flecks that come off on your hands that would undoubtedly end up on your face or in your hair. This is a unique feature of The Gallery Collection’s greeting cards.

Framed around this slightly raised picture of maple leaves is a thin sea foam colored border that goes around the picture of the leaves but not quite to the inner edge of the chocolate brown border. This gives the maple leaves added depth around the centered frame edges. The final touch that pulls this elegant design together is the words “Thanksgiving Wishes” centered below the picturesque leaves in an antique gold foil.

This elegant design places you right into the seasonal view, where you imagine yourself walking through a park or a neighborhood lined with beautiful trees on a brisk autumn day; the leaves are floating down around you. As you stroll along taking pictures, you spot a pile of leaves that have fallen to the ground and a sun beam bounces off the maple leaves. You take that perfect picture of nature’s foliage. Now that’s the way to express your Thanksgiving greetings, showcasing the true colors of the season.

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