7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From Everyone at The Gallery Collection!”

  1. Ha what a riot. So that’s where we get our modern day huge feast from !!!

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know our family did !!

  2. After the hand shake is when the arguing begins. They still haven’t decided on what style of food. Maybe someone should have suggested “potluck.”

  3. I love that Thanksgivings is buffet style at my mother’s place every year. The best part is I get to take home some food for lunch the next day. Now which buffet restaurant let’s you do that?

  4. Thanksgiving reminds us we must be on best behavior at a gathering. Food is truly a peacemaker! There’s nothing like a family party with varieties of food! And football tops it all off. I wonder if the Pilgrims and Indians had any sports to partake in or watch.

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