Thanksgiving Cards Are Great For Use In The Catering Business

For those in the catering business who normally send business holiday cards to former and/or potential future clients, I propose that this year you instead send Thanksgiving cards, for many reasons. What better holiday to associate your food-related business than to the holiday which some think of as a celebration of all-day eating! Sending a  Thanksgiving card will also allow you to get a jump on those who are sending business Christmas cards.

It also can’t hurt to remind customers of your high-quality food and service right before the holiday season madness begins. Sending a Thanksgiving greeting card might encourage customers to contact you for both their personal and business holiday catering needs in December and beyond. Businesses that are late in booking their holiday parties and find themselves shut out of banquet halls and restaurants can turn to you to cater their Christmas parties at alternative venues. Individual recipients of Thanksgiving  cards will consider you to help out with their culinary needs for their family celebrations. If you send it out at the right time, you might even get some last-minute Thanksgiving catering work from stressed-out hosts!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cards Are Great For Use In The Catering Business”

  1. Oh what a great idea! You could also add a discount offer in you Thanksgiving Cards… a separate little coupon that says something like “Order now for a 20% discount on catering for your Holiday events.” Just make sure to put an expiration date on the offer, so you aren’t giving discounts to those last minute parties!

  2. That really is a great idea! You could also do the same in your Christmas Card with a discount for New Year’s Eve parties as well. Just send your Christmas Cards early enough.

  3. WOW-this is such an informative blog! I love these ideas-sending out Thanksgiving cards before the Christmas Card rush is smart-no getting lost in the shuffle and the Thanksgiving card will probvably be the first to arrive!

  4. This is a great idea! I think a lot of companies can benefit from the holiday season. Hotels and Resorts can also benefit since so many people go away for the holidays, sending a greeting card may give some a bit of a nudge to start planning. Including coupons or discounts are also a good idea!

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