Sending Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards – It’s Easier Than You Think!

With the environmental concerns that are present in today’s world, I feel it is crucial to keep our planet in mind when sending out warm wishes during the holiday season. In both my professional life and personal life, it is very important for me to reach out to my clients to say thank you and to extend holiday wishes to my family and friends. But sending Christmas cards to those who are important to you should not come at the expense of the environment.

In my efforts to stay as green as possible, I have found that there are many options when purchasing eco-friendly greeting cards. Many environmentally conscious companies are producing their cards on paper made with windpower energy. Take a look at the extensive array of windpower Christmas greeting cards we sell. The electricity used to produce these cards comes from paper mills powered by wind energy.

I also try to find cards that are produced from paper that contains some form of recycled content. This is information that a good company with superior customer service should be able to provide to you if you ask. Keep in mind that just because the “recycle” symbol is not on something does not mean it was not made from paper that contains some sort of recycled content. I also try to look for greeting cards that are printed on “FSC Certified” paper stock. This means that the paper was produced from trees that came from a responsibly managed forest. You can visit the FSC website to learn more.

Being kind to the environment is easier than you may think. While some effort is required, the results will benefit the earth (and your recipients). We all need to go above and beyond to make sure the cards we send are as green as they can be. Please do your part to take care of our planet while sending holiday cheer!

Eco-friendly Ideas for Christmas Cards

What do you do with all the Christmas cards you receive once the holiday season is over? Recycle them? Well, you should at the very least do that, but there are so many more creative and environmentally friendly ideas that you can do with them instead.

I always look to purchase products that are eco-friendly over products that are not. So when choosing my Christmas cards, I look for recycled paper holiday cards or eco-friendly windpower Christmas cards. In addition to seeking out green products, I try to be creative with reusing items, like greeting cards, as much as possible.

I keep all the Holiday cards that I receive, and over the years, have found many uses for them. I have cut out ornaments, trees, and wreaths to use as gift tags. I have made collages out of different holiday designs to decorate my house for Christmas. If I am feeling extra creative, I will even use stamps, markers, and stickers to add an extra special element. I have even cut out part of my greeting cards to use as place cards around the dinner table at my Christmas parties. Not only were my friends impressed with my beautifully decorated dinner table but they were happy to hear that I was reusing what might have otherwise been tossed in the trash. I also saved some money in the process!

I’m sure if you think about it for a bit you can come up with a bunch of different ways to reuse your personalized Christmas cards. So this year, why not come up with your own innovative projects and crafts to reuse your cards. And try to keep the environment in mind along with your holiday spirit.

Eco-friendly Greeting Cards Produced with Windpower

When you hear the word “windmills” you might think of farms grinding grain, or if you’re a literary type, maybe the adventures of Don Quixote of La Mancha and his attack on the windmills enters your mind. But chances are, the environmental movement doesn’t immediately occur to you.

Advanced forms of windmills are helping us tread a little lighter on the planet. Large wind turbines built in open, breezy locations capture the wind and convert it into mechanical energy, electricity being the most common form. By harnessing wind power, businesses and residents can generate clean energy without utilizing fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment. Since I am an eco-conscious individual, I can certainly appreciate the benefits provided in this practice.

Windpower not only creates renewable energy to light homes and offices, it also produces power for machinery in manufacturing processes such as paper production. The Gallery Collection takes advantage of this fast-growing and environmentally responsible method to produce the majority of our greeting cards.

Check out our large selection of Windpower Cards, whose paper stock was produced with wind-powered energy. I think it’s pretty amazing that windpower is a contributing factor in creating such exquisite, environmentally friendly greeting cards…and in fact, the card I chose for my personal Christmas cards this year came from this selection! But if the card design you choose happens to not be one of our windpower cards, you can still feel good about your purchase since all of our envelopes are now produced using wind-powered energy.

“Go Green” with Recycled Cards

I’m a recycling nut…there, I said it. Look at my curb on recycling day and you’ll see mounds of bags filled with newspapers and other paper scraps and barrels full of empty plastic and glass bottles. Throw a soda can out in the garbage? No way. Recycling just makes sense to me. Why add something to our already overwhelming landfills when it can be taken to a recycling facility and transformed into something else?

In addition to recycling whatever I can, I like to purchase items that are made from reclaimed materials, which are more readily available than you may think. For example, instead of buying cards produced with virgin pulp, I opt for recycled greeting cards. Some people think that using recycled content for paper decreases the quality, strength and aesthetic value of the paper; however, with advancements in technology and processes just the opposite is true. Recycled papers are available in a wide variety of colors and weights, and can produce a beautiful, elegant card.

There are many ways to be environmentally conscious. Some are complicated and costly but others, like buying recycled paper cards, are easy and affordable. By sending a recycled card for your annual Christmas card mailing, you’ll show your recipients that you care about the environment (and maybe in the process you’ll convert some of them into being more eco-friendly!)

And to take it a step further…in addition to buying recycled cards to send to friends and family, think twice before throwing out the cards you receive… recycle those cards by using them in greeting card crafts projects. Yet another way to be friendly to the planet!