Sending Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards – It’s Easier Than You Think!

With the environmental concerns that are present in today’s world, I feel it is crucial to keep our planet in mind when sending out warm wishes during the holiday season. In both my professional life and personal life, it is very important for me to reach out to my clients to say thank you and to extend holiday wishes to my family and friends. But sending Christmas cards to those who are important to you should not come at the expense of the environment.

In my efforts to stay as green as possible, I have found that there are many options when purchasing eco-friendly greeting cards. Many environmentally conscious companies are producing their cards on paper made with windpower energy. Take a look at the extensive array of windpower Christmas greeting cards we sell. The electricity used to produce these cards comes from paper mills powered by wind energy.

I also try to find cards that are produced from paper that contains some form of recycled content. This is information that a good company with superior customer service should be able to provide to you if you ask. Keep in mind that just because the “recycle” symbol is not on something does not mean it was not made from paper that contains some sort of recycled content. I also try to look for greeting cards that are printed on “FSC Certified” paper stock. This means that the paper was produced from trees that came from a responsibly managed forest. You can visit the FSC website to learn more.

Being kind to the environment is easier than you may think. While some effort is required, the results will benefit the earth (and your recipients). We all need to go above and beyond to make sure the cards we send are as green as they can be. Please do your part to take care of our planet while sending holiday cheer!

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