Design #143CS – A Christmas Celebration Holiday Card

If you’re looking to purchase bucolic personalized Christmas cards, design #143CS, A Christmas Celebration Holiday Card, is a beautiful card for any and all country lovers. This is an updated Currier and Ives type of a card designed by one of our very own artists. Anyone who loves winter in the country is going to love this artwork done by Robert VanSteinburg. It really makes you feel like you are there; riding in the horse drawn sleigh and hearing those Christmas jingle bells as the horses gallop along the country road. You can almost feel the cold air as it rushes by your face, and the snowflakes as they land on your cheeks and eyelashes.

Design #143CS - A Christmas Celebration Holiday Card
Design #143CS - A Christmas Celebration
Holiday Card

The artwork used for this card is a hand painted watercolor piece, lending itself to a very soft and peaceful scene. It also has beautiful silver foil snowflakes falling in the background, which gives it a touch of rich sparkle. The name of the card is very fitting name because it speaks of a happy family enjoying a wonderful crisp winter day and the celebration of a beautiful Christmas holiday season.

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