Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card

Every year as autumn approaches we begin to think about the holiday season that is fast upon us.  They begin with Halloween, then comes Thanksgiving, then Christmas.  And with the holidays comes the annual selection of personalized holiday cards.  Recently I came across a specific card, Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card, that immediately caught my attention.  It is a bright, cheery design that catches the eye and brings a smile to your face.  Colorful buildings are set in a rural country village featuring horse drawn sleighs while carolers in the Village Square sing in front of an evergreen tree decorated for the holidays.

Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card
Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card

The cartoon like artwork of Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card, has a whimsical feel with farm animals peeking from behind barn doors and windows, wreaths hung everywhere and Christmas trees prominently displayed in some of the homes.  And as smoke wafts from chimneys a bright full moon teams up with seemingly endless stars that fill the night sky to illuminate the snow covered village below.  Santa Claus is ready for a landing as he descends from the sky with his famous reindeer and gift laden big red sleigh to deliver presents to the joyful townsfolk. This design will be something fun for everyone who receives it.

4 thoughts on “Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card”

  1. I like how this card really gives off a sense of Christmas. It has a little more emotion in it than just a Christmas tree or present.

  2. I love cards that have detail that draw you to look at it beyond a first glance. With all the small elements, such as the townspeople and horses, it really gets you into the holiday spirit with the festive environment!

  3. I also like the “Small Town Holiday” card. Looking at both these cards brings back fond memories of Christmas past.

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