Celebrate the Joy Corporate Party Invitation

Christmas Party Invitations for Your Office Holiday Party

Our company has had an annual Holiday Party for the past 23 years. We used to spend a bundle on our company’s Christmas party invitations. The last two years we finally wised up and ordered them from The Gallery Collection and we’ve saved money, gotten a terrific reaction and received tons of compliments.

Celebrate the Joy Corporate Party Invitation

There’s a great selection to choose from and it’s so simple to customize them. Twice now, we’ve chosen the flat card format with a matching design on the back. They’ve been excellent quality which is important to us. Another good feature is that you can order as few as 25 invites. We usually need between 40 and 60 and it’s convenient that there are many quantities available to order.

There are over two dozen designs of Holiday Party Invitations to choose from – from simple to fancy – and there’s plenty of room to add all the particulars about the event. I’ve really enjoyed trying out the different fonts and colors that are available on various designs. (The secret is to start early so you have plenty of time to have fun experimenting!)

Ordering online has been a cinch and the website is user friendly – even if you don’t have much experience in this area. When I did have a question, I just called and talked to a rep who was very knowledgeable and most helpful. The turn-around time was quick and we received our invitations in plenty of time to address and send them out.

Like I said – we’ve had rave reviews. The invitation is the beginning of the party – so make it a good one!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Party Invitations for Your Office Holiday Party”

  1. It really is a nice touch to get an invitation from the company that is not an email. The invitations do not have to be mailed, they can be handed out with pay checks or given to department managers to hand out. If money is an issue cut back on the desserts but keep the printed invites!

  2. I am also a big fan on physical invites. So many offices post a memo or use word of mouth but it’s classier to do something special during the holidays. I wouldn’t cut back on the desserts though. I say do both; it’s only once a year after all!

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